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18 Things Only People From Vancouver Know To Be True

When it comes to the west coast, Vancouverites know best...

Vancouverite: A person residing in Vancouver who is predominantly nice, laidback, loves the outdoors and recycling, and thinks they live in the greatest city in the world.

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While you could visit Vancouver a dozen times and feel like you know it like a local, there will always be some things that only a true Vancouverite could ever understand…

Vancouver skyline
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Intrigued to learn about what sets Vancouverites apart? Read on to learn about things only people from Vancouver know to be true.

1. There’s more to Vancouver than simply the mountains and ocean.

2. For starters, our adventurous attractions are top notch.

3. There's nothing better than following up a hard day of work than with happy hour.

4. To live here, you need to appreciate the rain.

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It’s no secret that it rains a lot in Vancouver. Because of this, Vancouverites know how to dress for all types of rain… that includes light mist, medium, heavy, sideways, and torrential rain, but that doesn’t ever stop us from getting outside. Don't believe us? On average, Vancouver gets around 92.6 inches of rain every year. 

5. We understand proper umbrella etiquette.

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Given how much it rains, Vancouverites understand proper umbrella etiquette. This includes raising your umbrella to allow shorter umbrella carriers to pass and always shaking out your umbrella before entering a building…not after.

6. Our wardrobe consists of Gortex, something Canuck related, and endless exercise clothes.

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It’s safe to say that every true Vancouverite owns some form of rain-approved Gortex, something with the Canucks logo on it, and plenty of Lululemon and exercise clothes (even if you hate working out).

7. The first day of spring is easily the happiest day of the year.

8. And, the change in season means new Granville Island seasonal brews.

9. We essentially spend all of our free time at the beach.

10. Lee’s makes the best donuts. Hands down.

11. Triple "O" Sauce is life-changing.

12. We love to talk about how expensive our rent is.

A Vancouver mansion
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Vancouver is home to the most expensive rent prices in the country, even surpassing those in Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Even if rents inch down, you’re always going to find somebody complaining about their’s just always relevant, and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

13. We have very strong opinions about bike lanes.

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Vancouverites have very strong feelings about the city’s bike lanes. If you’re a driver, you think there are too many, but if you're a cyclist, you think they’re a basic human right and there are still not enough of them. Because of this, people can get very heated about them.

14. We also have very strong feelings about Granville Street.

15. We all know exactly where we were on the evening of June 15, 2011.

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It was game seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Vancouver Canucks versus the Boston Bruins. If you’re from Vancouver, even if you don't watch hockey, you know exactly where you were that night and what ended up going down. Spoiler alert: the Canucks lost and hockey fans rioted and destroyed the city.

16. We know the difference between ‘Vancouver’ and ‘Vancouver Vancouver’.

17. Nothing compares to our sushi.

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Vancouver’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean has made the city synonymous with good sushi. And whether you're in the mood for high end or quick and cheap, the city has no shortage of incredible sushi restaurants — Miku is one of my faves.

18. Once you're a Vancouverite, you're always a Vancouverite.

Sure, some people might not be in love with how much rain Vancouver has, or understand our laidback lifestyle, but that's because it takes a true Vancouverite to appreciate all that our great city has to offer.

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