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If "Friends" Was Set In Vancouver, Here's What Would Happen

🎵 I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour.🎵

Friends was no stranger to alternate universes as explored in the season six two-parter, “The One One That Could Have Been.” So what might have been if our favourite Gen X group was a little less Greenwich Village and a little more Granville Island?

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

1. The umbrellas in the opening credits would get a lot more use.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Ross and Rachel would share even more iconic kisses in the rain. Based on the lower mainland’s annual rainfall statistics, it would drizzle in at least 107 of Friends’ 236 episodes. 

2. Central Perk would be Stanley Perk.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Eduardo Fonseca Arraes / Getty Images

Why not trade in one fictional coffee house for another? If our six friends were Vancouverites, their local haunt would be located across from a different outdoor tourist hot spot, Stanley Park. It would still take Phoebe two seasons to get the pun.

3. Rachel would work at Lululemon.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Ablokhin / Getty Images

After moving on from her first fashion gig as a buyer and personal shopper at Hudson’s Bay, Rachel would become an executive at the Lululemon head office in season five. 

4. Monica and Ross would have grown up on Vancouver Island.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Pierre Longnus / Getty Images

Instead of growing up on Long Island, the Gellers would be islanders of a different variety. Jack and Judy would complain about taking the ferry from Victoria at least once a year.

5. Joey would still be a TV star.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

The local Vancouver film industry would be good to Joey Tribbiani, giving him a starring role on a primetime CW show. And the one where Joey loses his insurance because he wasn’t working enough? It would never happen! Universal health care, how you doin’?

6. The Thanksgiving episodes would all air in October.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Friends’ iconic Thanksgiving episodes would be decidedly more Canadian and air in the first week of October. Rachel would still put (Alberta) beef in the trifle. 

7. Monica would waitress at Lucy’s Eastside Diner.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy,

Before becoming head chef at one of Vancouver’s trendiest restaurants in season nine, Monica would still pay her dues as a waitress in a mid-century diner, Lucie’s on Main Street (a 24-hour favourite).

8. Ross wouldn’t have had a pet monkey.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Newly divorced Ross’ exotic pet of choice would be local legend, Canuck the Crow. Ross would eventually reunite with him at a crime scene instead of a movie set.

9. Ugly Naked Guy would hang out at Wreck Beach.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Pr2is / Getty Images/iStockphoto

There would be far fewer sightings of Ugly Naked Guy, as he would spend all his time hanging out (literally) at Vancouver’s number one nude destination.

10. Ross would work at Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Before becoming a professor at UBC in later seasons, Ross would work at the Museum of Anthropology...and constantly lecture everyone about "The Big One".

11. Their apartments would be in Yaletown (and still be unrealistically large).

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Gunter Marx Photography / Getty Images

Monica would still have to rely on an illegal sublet from her dead grandmother to afford rent in a spacious two-bedroom apartment in downtown Vancity.

12. Phoebe would date a Mountie.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Robin Smith / Getty Images

Instead of courting a New York City police officer (played by Michael Rapaport), Phoebe would romance a Mountie played by Jason Priestley for four episodes. 

13. Monica and Chandler’s wedding wouldn’t have been legally binding.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

British Columbia doesn’t let just anybody get ordained! Joey would mess up the application process to become a BC Marriage Commissioner and definitely fail to mention it to Monica and Chandler until after the ceremony.

14. Janis would be an Aussie.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Everyone who lives in British Columbia knows that the West Coast is a hotspot for expat Australians. Janis would be a loud and proud Aussie and Chandler’s on-again-off-again Sheila. Oh. My. God. Mate!

15. Chandler would get transferred to Winnipeg.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

Instead of Tulsa, Oklahoma, season nine Chandler would fall asleep in a meeting and accidentally volunteer to run a branch in Winnipeg, Manitoba before quitting his job in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration once and for all. 

16. Monica and Chandler would end up in North Van.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy

In the series finale, Monica and Chandler would move across the harbour, Joey would head to Montreal to set up his fish-out-of-water spin-off (with 100% more French Canadians), Ross and Rachel would obviously end up together, and Phoebe would…still be Phoebe.

17. And finally, it would be shot in Toronto.

Friends / NBC / Via Giphy, Robert Lowdon / Getty Images

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