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If "Friends" Was Set In Vancouver, Here's What Would Happen

🎵 I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour.🎵

Friends was no stranger to alternate universes as explored in the season six two-parter, “The One One That Could Have Been.” So what might have been if our favourite Gen X group was a little less Greenwich Village and a little more Granville Island?

1. The umbrellas in the opening credits would get a lot more use.

2. Central Perk would be Stanley Perk.

3. Rachel would work at Lululemon.

4. Monica and Ross would have grown up on Vancouver Island.

5. Joey would still be a TV star.

6. The Thanksgiving episodes would all air in October.

7. Monica would waitress at Lucy’s Eastside Diner.

8. Ross wouldn’t have had a pet monkey.

9. Ugly Naked Guy would hang out at Wreck Beach.

10. Ross would work at Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology.

11. Their apartments would be in Yaletown (and still be unrealistically large).

12. Phoebe would date a Mountie.

13. Monica and Chandler’s wedding wouldn’t have been legally binding.

14. Janis would be an Aussie.

15. Chandler would get transferred to Winnipeg.

16. Monica and Chandler would end up in North Van.

17. And finally, it would be shot in Toronto.

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