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    We Tried High Rated Amazon Lipsticks On Different Skin Tones

    Lipsticks for everyone.

    Oh hello! We're kind of lipstick-obsessed. You may remember us from this post, where we tried cheap high street lipsticks.

    Amazon is huge for beauty, and often has brands you won't spot on the high street. But it's tricky to tell from a photo if a lipstick is right for you.

    So we decided to put four highly-rated lipsticks to the test, to see what they look like on different skin tones.

    First up was Barry M Genie Lip Paint – a green lipstick that changes colour to match your lips.

    Next was Luvia Cosmetics in Milano Romance – a vegan, cruelty free glossy red.

    Next was Milani Colour Statement in Matte Glam – a popular Mac Heroine dupe.

    Last was Little Mix x Collection Leigh Anne – a wearable matte red.

    Here's a swatch of everything we tried: