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    35 Things Every Low-Maintenance Girl Knows To Be True During Summer

    You would never wear a swimsuit with a high leg that requires a vast amount of hair removal.

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    1. The only make up you really wear is lipstick because you know your eye make up will just completely sweat off.

    2. Or you embrace a "smoky eye" because it's a ~lewk~ that you can just about pull off with no effort.

    3. At best you'll wear a tinted moisturiser with a high factor SPF.

    4. You pretty much only wear your hair in a ponytail. Or braids.

    5. You never bother with anything that is supposedly low-maintenence like "beachy waves".

    6. Because you know it requires tonging your hair and using several expensive products.

    7. Tbh the only time you ever come close to "beachy waves" is when you finally take out your sweaty ponytail.

    Stephanie Rodriquez / BuzzFeed

    8. You love summer dresses because they are so easy to wear.

    9. But nobody's got time for sticky thighs so you find yourself spraying deodorant on them randomly throughout the day.

    10. Ideally you would wear a muumuu, or a floaty kaftan, but SOME offices have dress codes.

    11. You never bother with fancy strappy sandals; flip-flops are your go-to.

    12. And you would never wear a swimsuit with cut-outs.

    13. But definitely one with a built-in bra.

    14. And you would never wear a swimsuit with cut-outs or a high leg that requires a vast amount of hair removal.

    Stephanie Rodriquez / BuzzFeed

    15. You'll only shave whatever is going to be visible that day - so sometimes it will literally be just your ankle.

    16. You keep spray deodorant on you constantly to "freshen up" because you can't be bothered to take another shower.

    17. And dry shampoo is your best friend for combating your sweat hair.

    18. Instead of getting regular pedicures, you'll just paint over whatever old nail polish you already have on.

    19. And if you do get a pedicure, you'll make it last all summer.

    20. Before your holiday you don't plan seven different cute outfits all with matching accessories.

    21. Instead, you just buy the same shorts and T Shirt combo in seven different colours.

    22. You'd love to drink Pimm's or sangria but it's such a faff cutting up all the fruit.

    23. Instead, you will only drink prosecco, or rosé–just pop the cork and go!

    Stephanie Rodriquez / BuzzFeed

    24. You meet friends for a picnic all the time.

    25. Not because it's cute and instagrammy, but because it's an excuse to drink wine in the park and have chips for dinner.

    26. You have 15 half-used tubes of suncream.

    27. Including a fancy one that you bought because a blogger recommended it.

    28. You can never find your nice sunglasses, so you always end up wearing ones you got free in a magazine.

    29. You contemplate buying a cute floppy hat every single year.

    30. You finally submit and buy one and it annoys you within 15 seconds.

    31. The rest of the time you wear a baseball cap that you found in your wardrobe.

    32. You have no idea who it belongs to.

    33. You're secretly in awe of glam summer girls.

    34. And think "damn girl you look so good how do you not even sweat?"

    35. But even though you know you're a sweaty mess for 90% of the summer, you'd rather have more time to enjoy it.

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