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21 Struggles All Girls With Fine Hair Know To Be True

No, not that kind of 'fine'.

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1. Spending two hours trying to boost your roots.

3. If you could engineer a micro-climate, that would be ideal.

4. A 'messy braid' just looks like a plain old mess.

5. And a topknot is more like a knot.

7. But sometimes products supposed to help just mock you instead.

9. And your hair elastics work overtime.

10. Trying to keep baby hairs off your face is a nightmare.

12. Supplements and hair masks fill your bathroom cupboards.

13. But really, any kind of product weighs your hair down.

15. Sleek swishy ponytails?

17. LOL imagine being able to do this.

*wisps of hair flicker in the breeze*

18. You cannot believe that Nicole Scherzinger's hair exists in real life. It would be too unfair.

21. Oh well, there's always Batiste.