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21 London Street Foods That Will Change Your Life

Restaurants never, street food forever.

1. Grill My Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches so good that they're borderline obscene. Find them on Facebook and Twitter to scout their location.

2. Club Mexicana

3. Mother Clucker

The fried chicken of your dreams. If you're veggie, fret not, their jalapeño mac n' cheese is exquisite. They're currently serving at the Old Truman Brewery. Follow them on Twitter. An honourable mention also goes to Butchies for their buttermilk chicken in brioche buns.

4. Bao

Taiwanese street food to die for – steamed buns, fried chicken, bright salads. Visit their stall at Netil Market, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to track other locations. If you want even more steamed buns, check out Yum Bun too.

5. Pizza Pilgrims

Neapolitan-style pizza with simple but creative toppings – Nduja is a personal fave. They have two pizzerias and a van. Follow them on Twitter to find out more.

6. Crosstown Doughnuts

From sea salt caramel, to banana chocolate cream, these guys' doughnuts are all incredibly luscious – but you'll want one all to yourself. If you can't make it to a market, they have several stockists too. Find out more on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Rola Wala

Serving "twisted Indian street food", Rōla Wala makes wraps that are divine and packed with flavour. Find them on Twitter to track their location – they've just opened up an actual restaurant in Leeds.

8. Anna Mae's

Mac n' cheese that will make you want to never stop eating it. If you're feeling experimental, you could try a special (like the raclette on the left, or the burger one on the right). Check their website to find their location.

9. Mama Wang's Kitchen

HAND. PULLED. NOODLES. And Chinese flatbread sandwiches. Yummmmm. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for their latest schedule.

10. Deeney's

Yep, that's a haggis toastie. The Macbeth is made with haggis, cheddar, mustard, caramelized onions, and rocket. Supplement with Irn-Bru if you fancy. Check out their trading schedule on Facebook or on their website.

11. The Rib Man

Astonishingly good ribs sourced from pigs reared outdoors, shredded into a bun, topped with a home-made sauce (which you can buy here). Find him at Brick Lane on Sundays, and follow him on Twitter for further updates.

12. Ali Baba Juice

This stand lives down Rye Lane, and will change the way you think about juice. Mango and pickle? Why not? Find them on Twitter and Tumblr.

13. Dosa Deli

Vegetarian, gluten-free Indian food that is sooooooo goooooddd. Come for the dosa, stay for the masala vada. Check their schedule here, and follow them on Twitter.

14. Luardo's

Tacos, burritos and more, served from a bright pink van. Find them at Whitecross Street Market on weekdays, and track them via their website or Twitter.

15. Bleecker St. Burger

16. Churros Garcia

Sometimes churros are all you need. Find them every Friday at Portobello Road Market, and every Saturday and Sunday on the South Bank. For other events, check here and on Twitter.

17. The Grilling Greek

Greek food on the go. Think hand-made pita stuffed with free range meat, and chips with added feta cheese. Wow. Find them at Kings Cross Kerb on Thursdays, and follow them on Twitter for further updates.

18. The Orange Buffalo

As winners of the 2014 Wing Fest it's fair to say that these wings are pretty decent. Find them at the Old Truman Brewery, and follow them on Twitter.

19. Zardosht

Fresh, fragrant "Persianesque" food. Every Saturday on Broadway Market, and at lunches at Cafe Oto.

20. Capish?

Meatballs and more – including some spectacular sandwiches. Find them on Facebook or Twitter to follow their route.

21. You Doughnut

DOUGHNUT SUNDAES. And yes, that is a doughnut Eton mess on the right. Follow them on Twitter to track their whereabouts.