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19 Signs You're In A Relationship With Hummus

If you're having chickpea problems I feel bad for you son.

1. Hummus is your one true love.

Cartoon Network / Via

2. The light of your life.

3. It's always there for you. So creamy. So dippable. It cares about you.

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4. You know everything about your beloved.

5. You have special places — just for the two of you.

"Hummus Bros is about feeding you homemade hummus with mouth watering toppings, scooped off your own individual bowl with warm pitta bread, accompanied by refreshing salads, desserts & juices. We focus on taste, value for money, freshness & simplicity. We're proud to be the only place in the UK to concentrate solely on what we love most - hummus."

6. You accept its flaws; it can't always be perfect.

But you would probably eat it anyway, because hummus.

7. You know that to keep your relationship creamy, you must put the time in.

And peel those damn chickpeas. Find the recipe here.

8. You think of your love, and your love only. / Via Shutterstock

9. But you're not jealous: Your friends can hang out with your hummus too.

10. You like to spice up your relationship by keeping things interesting.

Like this beetroot hummus. Find the recipe here.

11. You're willing to take a chance to bring your relationship to the next level.

Like these hummus mashed potatoes. Find the recipe here.

12. And you're not afraid that others might find your preferences a bit weird. / Via

Chocolate hummus! Find the recipe here.

13. It's good to experiment, you tell the haters.

Moti Milrod / Via

Hummus ice-cream! From the La Genda ice cream shop in Jaffa, Israel.

14. Even when confronted by beautiful celebrities, you only have eyes for your true love.

15. No other snack gets a chance.

16. And when things are tough, you'd never let your hummus go.

Peep Show / Via Channel Four

17. Your friends wish they could have the same loving relationship you do.

18. And it's not like you don't have your bad days.

19. But overall, you couldn't be happier.