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    21 Signs You Had A Skater Phase

    Sick ollie, dude.

    1. You knew about Bam Margera before Jackass.

    2. But only because you could play as him in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3".

    3. You had a fingerboard for when you couldn't actually board (like at school).

    4. Vans?

    5. Or Etnies?

    6. You longed to go on the Warped tour.

    7. Your email address was probably something like this.

    8. You could manage an ollie. Kind of.

    9. You might have tried to make a skate ramp at home.

    10. Except yours was probably more like this.

    11. A wallet chain was paramount.

    But you didn't have anything in your wallet.

    12. Phwoar check out that rad checkerboard pattern.

    13. SO ALT.

    14. No Fear cap - SICK.

    (I am still sad I threw this out)

    15. If you were a girl, you had this. Ironically, of course.

    16. You googled this an awful lot.

    17. And you begged to be allowed to get tunnels.

    18. But this was a good substitute.

    19. You designed outfits that maximised the opportunity for both flares and ties.

    Ailbhe Malone

    20. And you got annoyed whenever anyone mentioned the words 'Avril Lavigne'.

    21. (But you really liked "Complicated" anyway).

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