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20 Reasons We Miss "Flight Of The Conchords"

They've been off our screens for four years now. Here's a reminder of why they should come back.

1. They wondered how David Bowie would cope in space.


2. They alerted us to this common problem.

3. They were open about their feelings, and why they were hurt.

4. They appreciated the finer things in life.

5. They never had much luck in love.

6. Probably because their chat-up lines were incredibly realistic.

7. They showed how unexpectedly difficult it was to dress as Daft Punk.

8. Jemaine's commitment to a dance move.

9. Mel as the No. 1 fan. Or stalker. Or both.


10. Murray, as the manager nobody should ever have.

11. They were anti-sexism.

12. Seriously.

13. They taught us to be wary of Australians.

14. They made 'Zou Bisou Bisou' before Mad Men.

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15. And they anthropomorphized rapping animals.

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16. And, of course, they created the best charity single ever.

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17. They had the original bromance.

18. One-half of them is an Oscar winner.

19. And Kermit approves.

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20. So come on, guys. Do another series. And make it business time...again.