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    33 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Welsh

    Croeso i Gymru!

    1. We invented the NHS.

    2. We've got our own language, and we actually use it.

    3. We produce world-class athletes.

    4. Gareth Bale, so good he wasn't allowed use his left foot at school.

    5. Maybe our sporting prowess is all down to our P.E. teachers...

    6. We've got more rugby legends than the rest of the Home Nations put together.

    7. And some of them are as brave off the pitch as they are on it.

    8. And this lot aren't bad either.

    9. Our accents wooed Old Hollywood.

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    Richard Burton, the Hollywood icon who managed to marry Elizabeth Taylor twice, was born in Neath.

    10. We're pretty good at playing at broadcasters/ football managers/ prime ministers.

    11. And we're funny too.

    12. Once a year, we treat our poets like royalty.

    13. And our best-loved poet is one of the all-time greatest.

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    Other notable Welsh writers include RS Thomas, Kate Roberts, Hedd Wyn, Saunders Lewis and the philosopher Bertrand Russell.

    14. Our flag is the most difficult in the world for children to draw.

    15. We make loads of money.

    16. Let's talk scenery.

    17. Saint Patrick is one of us.

    18. Meanwhile we have our own saint to celebrate.

    19. Objectively speaking, we've got the best national anthem in the world.

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    Sorry, it's basically fact.

    20. And we've got the voices to sing it.

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    You can keep your glee clubs.

    21. We don't just do hymns either.

    22. Welsh composer Grace Williams was the first British woman to compose the score for a feature film.

    23. We're painfully honest.

    24. And we give as good as we get.

    25. We gifted the world the Gentle Giant.

    26. You can thank us for Laura Ashley.

    27. King Arthur, he's Welsh too.

    28. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by a Welsh man.


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    Bonnie Tyler will even been representing the UK in this year's Eurovision.

    30. And yes we've been invaded more times than we care to remember.

    31. And our villages have been drowned.

    32. But we're still here.

    33. And here we'll stay. Unless the aliens get in the way...