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26 Reasons "Doctor Who" Fans Are The Best

Whovians unite!

1. Doctor Who fans are so committed, they were cited in the Oxford English Dictionary.

2. Whovians see the Doctor as a way of life.

3. They can accept the same character played by eleven different actors.

4. They're clever - they can handle catchphrases in different languages.

5. And they are fantastic at picking up Easter Eggs.

You may remember that Amy Pond takes to writing novels in The Angels Take Manhattan...

6. They pass the Doctor down through generations.

7. And they bring Who into their daily life.

8. Anywhere that Who can fit in, it will.

9. In a lunchbox!

10. In the kitchen!

11. In the bathroom!

12. In the office!

13. Because they involve their fandom in the most important day of their lives.

14. A Whovian wedding is glorious.

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15. They can make a mean Sonic Screwdriver.

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16. The measures are bigger on the inside too.

17. More cookies!

18. Even their tattoos are clever.

19. They have the best sense of humour.

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20. No, seriously, the best sense of humour.

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21. Because they know animals can be Whovians too. Mew-vians?

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22. Mouse Doctor!

23. Doctor Hoot!

24. A song can make them cry.

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25. But most of all, they believe in the triumph of good over evil.

26. And they believe in the power of ordinary people to change the world.

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