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19 Products Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Own

Time to fancy up your living sitch.

Hello! If you're reading this, the chances are that you've gotten past the stage of buying in bulk for uni. Maybe you're in your second flat? Or maybe all the crap you bought five years ago has died and you're ready to upgrade?

In which case, let me help you with that! I've scoured the internet for the highest-rated, best-value products that will upgrade your living sitch.

For each product, I've given two options: one for a more limited budget and one that's a little more expensive. Where possible, I've also recommended products that I've used personally.

1. Swap flat and lifeless pillows for luxurious new ones.

2. Stop drying your clothes on the heater and get a decent drying rack.

Maybe you own this already, in which case, you may be excluded from this narrative. If you don't, then this rack is highly rated and £30.99 on Amazon.

But everyone can stand to step up their game a little – so if you've got a little more to spend, people RAVE about the Lakeland Heated Airer, £110 on Amazon.

3. Bring some joy into your life with a bin that doesn't annoy you.

4. Swap out faded and tatty sheets for bedtime luxury instead.

5. Commit to a low-key fancy life with a user-friendly ice tray.

6. Inspect your kettle for limescale, and sub in a new one instead.

7. Let Netflix load quicker with a Wi-Fi extender.

8. Invest in a sharp pair of kitchen scissors to make cutting a cinch.

9. Cover up a grubby sofa with a fresh new throw or blanket.

I own a couple of these recycled wool blankets, £11.50 from Amazon, and I can't say enough good things about them. They're warm and durable, and you can wash them easily. They're my default housewarming gift to friends, and I am happy for you all to copy me.

If you want something a lil' fancier, I also own this herringbone wool throw (right), £59 from Not on the High Street – hey, I like blankets, who doesn't? – and it is a delight.

10. Be ruthless with cracked glassware and buy a handful of matching glasses.

11. Throw away excess plastic and invest in a water bottle.

12. Say NO to mould and swap out your shower curtain.

13. Throw away your rusted frying pan and invest in a new one.

14. Show no mercy to old underwear, and level up with new ones.

15. Turn off the harsh overhead lights and get snuggly with some cosy lamps.

16. Throw out your threadbare towels and go for plush new ones in a dark colour.

Towels don't have to be expensive! This set has great reviews, and comes with two bath towels, two hand towels and four flannels.

Get it for £14.99 on Amazon.

If you want to spend a little more, I think the bath towels from Asda Home are really worth it. They start at £8 for a large bath towel, but wash really well and stay fluffy. Buy them here.

17. Make food prep a breeze with sharp kitchen knives.

18. Make the most of Spotify by boosting your speakers.

19. Switch from pine-fresh toilet spray to a grown-up citrus.