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15 Products That Will Low-Key Change Your Life

This list contains only the useful shit, I promise.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. These neat and tidy coasters that aren't an eyesore.

For some reason, people tend to give me coasters as a present. Maybe I come across as someone who cares passionately about glasses leaving a stain on my coffee table? (I care a medium amount about this issue.) Anyway, I love how these terracotta coasters stack neatly into a cactus, which means you can have coasters handy when you need them, but you don't have to find somewhere to store them.

Get it at Etsy, £22

2. A clever basin that slots into your workspace, to easily collect peelings.

If you've got a small kitchen workspace, or your bin is under the sink (for example), then this gadget makes your workflow more efficient. BTW, it feels wrong to call this a "gadget", as it's very much a basin with a hook, but I'll allow it as it's so weirdly useful.

Get it for £4.99 on Amazon

3. A heatproof travel sleeve that can handle even turned-on straighteners.

This genius sleeve means you need never worry about hot straighteners again. It's specifically meant for travel, but I think it would be just as useful at home.

Get it at Lakeland, £10.99

4. Mask a smelly toilet with fresh toilet spray.

This spray has a cult following – I featured it in a previous post and there were so many comments singing its praises! So what are you waiting for?

Get it at Amazon, £7.49

5. A bottle drainer that helps you get right down to the last drop.

There's one neat feature that makes this drainer different to other ones. It has a sports cap at the top, which means you can easily squeeze (and seal!!) your hard earned drops of sauce. It also comes with three adaptors, so you can fit it to most types of bottle.

Get it at Lakeland, £5.99

6. Get the most out of your soap with a saver dish.

Stop your soap going to mush! The little spout lets excess water pour out, leaving your soap firm and intact. Bonus! If you use Lush's shampoo bars, this would be a nifty alternative to a tin.

Get it at Lakeland, £8.99

7. Fix anything you could ever think of with genius Sugru.

I've fixed most things in my house with Sugru – for example, the handle on the cupboard door broke off, and I didn't have a nail small enough to re-attach it, without damaging the ornamental knob (you did not ask for this anecdote but I am sharing it nonetheless). A blob of Sugru did the job.

Basically it's like mouldable glue. Unlike the plastic card I've also featured later in this piece, it's flexible – so you can use it to extend the life of your charger cable, for example.

Get an eight-pack on Amazon, £12.80

8. Keep your phone lit with a tiny but mighty keyring that doubles as a USB charger.

If you're anything like me, then you lose USB chargers just by looking at them. That's why this keyring is so neat. The angle means you can easily plug the USB into your laptop, without having to take your keys off the chain. You can buy it with a lightning adaptor, or a micro-USB (for non-Apple phones).

Buy it at Firebox, £19.99

9. A headphone splitter so you can always listen to music with your BFF.

I own so many of these and they are reliably great – if you travel with a friend a lot, then you can both listen to the same podcast at the same time, or watch Netflix together. I've linked to a reliably good option by Belkin, but you should be able to pick up one in most electronics shops.

Get it on Amazon, £4.99

10. Mask cooking smells with these breezy chef's candles.

I am absolutely obsessed with these candles, and recommend them to anyone that will listen. They're fresh-smelling and get rid of cooking smells in a heartbeat. You can buy them most places (Tesco, John Lewis etc), but Amazon has the largest selection of sizes and scents.

Get it at Amazon, £2.85

11. This cheap-as-chips champagne stopper will stop your fizz going flat.

I realise that flat champagne is an inherently bourgeois problem, but for real, I don't drink a lot of alcohol, and this stopper means a bottle of fizz can last for a week, rather than you having to drink it all in one go. You could also use it for a large bottle of beer or cider if your tastes don't run to fizzy wine.

Get it on Amazon, £1.34

12. A grass drying rack that will hold up the most wobbly of objects.

Have you ever tried to dry the inside of a bottle? It's a nightmare. And if you don't have a dishwasher, then drying baby bottles is even more of a nightmare – it's impossible to prop them up so that the insides dry properly. So this grass countertop drying rack is kind of genius. The stems prop up even the wobbliest items – and the 128 five-star reviews don't disagree.

Get it on Amazon, £15

13. This slim plastic card that melts in water, which is a dream for camping/keeping in your toolbox.


This card might not look like much but it is the handiest thing I've ever seen. It melts in a cup of hot water, and then you can re-mould it, or cut it, to fix things like a broken umbrella, door handle, or tent pole. I mean, I live a very sedate life and I'm still wondering how I don't own it.

Buy it at Firebox, £6.99

14. A tin with everything you'll need for a weekend camping or hiking.

OK, so yes, some of the items in this tin might be a bit OTT for a weekend in the Lake District. But with a mini first aid kit, a flashlight, a compass, and a rope, it's small enough to pop in your rucksack and handy enough that you'll be thankful you brought it. I'd take the advice of some of the commenters and add some wrapped painkillers to the tin too.

Get it on Amazon, £11.99

15. A peeler that protects your fingers (and is great if you have limited mobility).

This nifty peeler protects your fingers from the blade, but according to the reviews, it's especially good if you have stiff fingers or you're left-handed!

Get it at Lakeland, £3.99