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You Should Seriously Take A Look At This Japanese Nail Art

Nails on fleek.

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It's no surprise that people in Japan are slaying with their nail art.

Instagram: @i_am_noriko

I mean, check out that 3D Yoda situation.

But our friends at BuzzFeed Japan have found some truly amazing new nail artists.

Instagram: @mahoganisutan

And you've got to press play on this video.

Instagram: @iamyourzini

There's water inside that ball! It's full of glitter that moves!


These M&M's are made using gels.

Instagram: @kaorin47

Talk about structural integrity.

Instagram: @mobuta7

This teddy is particularly impressive.

Instagram: @25nail

Especially when viewed from behind.

Instagram: @25nail

Or you can just gaze, entranced, at these Insta-masterpieces.

Instagram: @i_am_noriko