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    You Should Seriously Take A Look At This Japanese Nail Art

    Nails on fleek.

    It's no surprise that people in Japan are slaying with their nail art.

    But our friends at BuzzFeed Japan have found some truly amazing new nail artists.

    Like this work of art, created by Colors Beauty Salon in the Shibuya neighbourhood in Tokyo.

    And you've got to press play on this video.

    These M&M's are made using gels.

    Talk about structural integrity.

    This teddy is particularly impressive.

    Especially when viewed from behind.

    These nails are the work of a California-based Japanese nail artist, Tomoka Reese.

    If you fancy getting her to sculpt your talons, you can get in touch here.

    Or you can just gaze, entranced, at these Insta-masterpieces.