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15 Life-Changingly Useful Kitchen Products You Should Know About

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Hello, it's me. If you're reading this, chances are you have a kitchen. Maybe it's a small one. And in that kitchen is crap and clutter. So many spatulas! (Or not, maybe you have another kitchen issue.)

In which case, let me help you with that! I lived with a super-small kitchen for three years, and am here to help you figure out what you need. I’ve scoured the internet for the highest-rated, best-value products that will upgrade your living sitch.

Where possible, I’ve recommended products that I’ve used personally.

1. Save counter space and your fingertips with a magnetic knife rack.

Free up space on your surfaces by hanging your knives up high. I used to have a similar magnetic rack from IKEA, but I've recommended this model as it comes with hooks as well. The one downside, you have to drill into the wall to hang this – so if you're renting, check with your landlord. ( If you have small children, make sure the knives are not within reach obviously. )

Get it on Amazon, £14.99

2. Double down on space with a chopping board that fits over the sink.

My brother has a very small kitchen, and used to be a chef, so when he recommends a product to me, I listen.

He uses this board as a way to get more chopping space – he puts it over the hob, but you could also put it over the sink. He uses one from IKEA, but you can also buy a similar one on Amazon, for easier delivery.

Get it on Amazon, £16.87.

3. Throw out bulky weighing scales for a cook's dry measure.

This handy container is the MVP in my kitchen. You can measure out an amount of any dry goods (lentils, rice, sugar, couscous) accurately and conveniently.

Get it at John Lewis, £8.

I understand that if you're into baking, you'll want precision – in which case, I like these scales, which come with a 10-year warrantee.

4. A clever basin that slots into your workspace to easily collect peelings.

I wrote about this product in another piece. If you’ve got a small kitchen workspace, or maybe your bin is under the sink, then this basin will give you some extra elbow room.

Get it on Amazon, £4.99.

5. Stop your sponge from going gungey with a genius holder.

If you don't have any draining space next to your sink, then for 80 PENCE, purchase this stick-on holder. There isn't really much point in writing anything else about it as you can clearly see that it is a) cheap and b) useful.

Get it on Amazon, £0.80.

6. Invest in a sharp pair of kitchen scissors to make cutting a cinch.

I use my kitchen scissors for everything from cutting pizza slices to chopping bacon straight into a pan. Combine these with three good and sharp knives (I would suggest: bread knife, paring knife, and general knife) and you're good to go. I've recommended these Zyliss Knives, £11.99 on Amazon before.

For scissors, Oxo is a reliably good brand, and these scissors are £11.85 on Amazon.

7. Prolong the life of your kettle, and save the planet with a water jug with a built-in filter.

If you're someone who buys bottled water because you hate the taste of tap water in your area, then check out a water-filter jug. If you search for products with the keyword "fridge door", then you'll find a jug that won't take up too much space. I like this especially jazzy one.

Bonus: If you fill the kettle with filtered water, you'll cut down on limescale build-up too.

Get it on Amazon, £15.55.

8. Stop burning your fingers, and get some toast tongs.

Look, this is not specifically for a ~tiny kitchen~ but I am going to make a public service announcement. Are you an impatient, hangry, toast lover like I am? Do you clutch with eager fingers at things which are too hot? If so, spend a small amount on these genius grabbers, which let you enjoy lovely hot buttered toast, without blisters on your fingers.

Buy these at Not on the High Street, £3.40.

9. Combat mould and moisture with a dehumidifier.

If your kitchen offers little ventilation, then think about a dehumidifier.

I have friends who swear by the Poundland disposable ones (two for £2) – so keep an eye out in your local store.

If you want to buy online, the best deal I could find was this five-star rated mini dehumidifier. I suggest running it in tandem with an extractor fan, but it depends on how much your energy bill will cost you.

Get it on Amazon, £30.

10. Substitute a bulky coffee machine for a Hario v60.

11. Get rid of a giant colander and use a clever lid instead.

This clever lid clips onto most saucepans, and functions as a colander. The product blurb say it's specifically for Tefal saucepans, but I've done some digging, and it should fit most saucepans between 14 and 20 centimeters. Get it at John Lewis, £13.60.

If you'd still like a colander, I think this collapsible one is nifty. Get it at John Lewis, £8

12. Save space and keep dishes dry with an extendable dish drainer.

This Joseph Joseph dish rack is a little expensive, but so genius it's worth it. Not only does it have variable ridges for drying different things (i.e. glasses, plates, mugs, and crockery), it's also got a little spout, so that water doesn't pool on top of your work surfaces. You can then collapse it to the size you need when you're done.

Get it at Lakeland, £49.99.

13. Save space on blenders and combine your appliances.

I've never had a blender – only what I call a "musher". (What do you call that stick with the blades on? Amazon calls it "Detachable stainless steel shaft with stainless steel blade", but I think "musher" is more accurate). Anyway, with a musher, I've blitzed cauliflower rice, pureed soups, and even creamed potato. Which is all to say, that unless you're a serious baker, you don't need a Kenwood Pro (for example).

I've chosen this Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 hand blender, as it comes with a handy chopping attachment (you can make pesto!) as well as a beaker (smoothies!). You can get it on Amazon for £25.50. I also think the Nutri Ninja is good value, £39.99 on Amazon.

14. Get ergonomic and choose a grater that can do it all.

Sometimes it's not about the smallest item, it's about the item that can do the most. This box grater has various surfaces, and comes with a handy container – meaning you can grate on the go (when you would want to grate on the go, I don't know, but it's your life, man).

Get it on Amazon, £11.99.

15. Clean behind poky corners and dusty appliances with this clever contraption.

So, "contraption" may be too fancy a word for what is essentially a long feather on a stick, but I mean, had YOU thought of creating it? This is a dream for cleaning under your fridge/freezer – and would also be good for sweeping along the top of any high kitchen cabinets.

Get it at Lakeland, £9.99