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A Very Easy Make-Up Lesson, For Absolute Beginners

Perk up your face.

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Here's what you'll need:

Emma-Jane Lewis / Via

We're just going to put together an easy, everyday look.

We're using Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (not pictured), MAC Prolongwear concealer (not pictured), MAC Rimal Dahabia eyeshadow quad, NARS lipstick in Last Tango, Topshop blush in Flush, and MAC Prep and Prime powder in Translucent.

If you're looking for a high street setting powder, you could try L'Oreal Nude BB powder or Rimmel Match Perfection Powder.

Start with your base.

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Think about the amount of coverage you want. If you have any blemishes or redness, cover them up with concealer. If you want light day-to-day coverage, perhaps a BB cream is best for you. If you want more long-lasting coverage and a flawless base, then consider foundation. Just remember to match your coverage to your skin tone.

When it comes to selecting a foundation, use your jawline or your neck to get a good colour match. Visit a make-up counter and ask for a trial application from a make-up artist. You don't need to make a purchase immediately – it's good to spend the day testing out how it looks in different lighting and how it feels on your skin.


Use an eyelash curler to boost your lashes.

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Don't worry, this is really straightforward!

Before you add mascara, slot the curlers at the base of the lashes and give a gentle push. Then move the curlers up your lash slightly and give it a gentle push again. (This stops you having a 90-degree lash curl.)

For a gentler approach, you can use your thumb, as in this tutorial.

Add your mascara.

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Bring the mascara wand to the root of the lash and brush it through.

When it comes to choosing a mascara, think about what you want from the product. The thicker the brush, the more volume. The thinner the brush, the more length.

We're going to do a wash of eyeshadow now.

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Choose a matte (not glittery, although if you'd like that, go for it) eyeshadow in a nude colour (like the soft brown above) and bring it all the way to the top of the socket. You can use your fingers for this, or a brush, if you have one.


Add blush.

Load up your brush, or your fingers if you're using a creme blush, and smile. Place the brush (or your fingers) on the apples of your cheeks, and blend.

Remember, wherever you first place your brush (or your fingers) is where the most colour will fall.

If you'd like to, you could also add a tinted lip balm or a lipstick that matches your natural lip colour.

If you've got a long day and want your make-up to last, you can add powder.

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We're using a translucent powder, as it's very natural-looking and works on all skin tones. But if you have a powder compact etc, then that's fine to use too.

Just load up up your brush, tap off the excess, and dust over your face. You don't need to put it on bare skin, so only dust where you have used concealer. Or, if you have foundation or a BB cream on, then dust over the whole face.

Make-up by Lucybloom Webb for BuzzFeed.