How Stereotypically Irish Are You?

Go on go on go on go on.

  1. Check all which apply.

    1. 1 Do you have red hair?
    2. 2 Do you have a large family?
    3. 3 Do you use ‘sure’ as punctuation?
    4. 4 Do you keep your sheets in the hot press?
    5. 5 Do you have a strong preference for Tayto Vs King crisps?
    6. 6 Do you have a strong preference for Barrys Vs Lyon’s tea?
    7. 7 Have you brought rashers on holiday?
    8. 8 Have you danced to ‘The Fields Of Athenry’ at a club?
    9. 9 Have you sung the National Anthem as the lights came on?
    10. 10 Do you believe a good funeral is better than a bad wedding?
    11. 11 Can you tell when it’s a quick mass?
    12. 12 Have you gone to the Gaeltacht?
    13. 13 Have you had a holiday romance at the Gaeltacht?
    14. 14 Have you covered a popular song in Irish at the Gaeltacht?
    15. 15 Have you vowed to meet up with your Gaeltacht friends again, and then never contacted them?
    16. 16 Can you do the rap to ‘Maniac 2000’?
    17. 17 Can you do the routine to Riverdance?
    18. 18 Do you say ‘lookit?’
    19. 19 Do you call someone from Dublin a jackeen?
    20. 20 Do you like potatoes?
    21. 21 Do you really like potatoes?
    22. 22 Do you sometimes have a two potato dinner?
    23. 23 Does it please you when there’s great drying out?
    24. 24 Have you eaten a chicken fillet roll?
    25. 25 Have you eaten a breakfast roll?
    26. 26 Do you use Red Lemonade as a mixer?
    27. 27 Does the immersion put the fear of god in you?
    28. 28 Do you say ‘ah’ after taking a sip of Guinness?
    29. 29 Do you call it ‘a sup of Guinness’?
    30. 30 Are you obsessed with honours Maths?
    31. 31 Does you understand the phrase ‘turn on the big light’?
    32. 32 Do you believe that 7UP will cure all ills?
    33. 33 Do you treat everything with Sudacreme?
    34. 34 Do you play GAA?
    35. 35 Do you have a family member who is on a county team?
    36. 36 Are you related to Brian O’Driscoll?
    37. 37 Are you Jedward?
    38. 38 Do you have a pot of gold?
    39. 39 Do you like to hide that gold?
    40. 40 Ideally at the end of a rainbow?

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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