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How Emo Were You?

Take a trip down memory lane.

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    Did you ever... Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    Did you ever...

    Dye your hair black?
    Dye your hair black, with a blonde stripe?
    Straighten your hair?
    Ruin your hair from straightening it?
    Get your fringe constantly in your eyes?
    Not leave the house because it was raining and it would ruin your hair?
    Get annoyed there was no Hot Topic in your country?
    Refuse to wear a winter coat, as it meant you couldn’t see your MCR hoodie?
    Wear jeans so tight, you had to lie down to zip them up?
    Have a studded belt?
    That wasn’t much use as a belt?
    Because you wore it with the buckle on your hip?
    Have a wallet chain?
    Have ear tunnels?
    Have a lip piercing?
    Have a snakebite piercing?
    Want a snakebite piercing, but your parents said no?
    Have to take out your piercings for school?
    Get annoyed when people called you ‘scene’?
    Or a ‘rocker’?
    Or a ‘mosher’?
    Have a Myspace account?
    Become Myspace famous?
    Have a LiveJournal account?
    Have a second, secret LiveJournal account?
    And second, secret LiveJournal account friends?
    Have a username like xKatiex?
    Or xXxJamesxXx?
    Or James?
    Or JamesIsOnFire?
    Or KatieAtTheDisco?
    Listen to Saves the Day?
    Taking Back Sunday?
    Funeral for a Friend?
    All-American Rejects?
    All Time Low?
    The Academy Is?
    Bullet for My Valentine?
    Cute Is What We Aim for?
    New Found Glory?
    Panic! at the Disco?
    Panic at the Disco?
    Fall Out Boy?
    My Chemical Romance?
    Own ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’?
    On vinyl?
    Own ‘The Black Parade’?
    On vinyl?
    Download "Dance, Dance" from Limewire? Or Kazaa?
    And then feel bad about it?
    Have a subscription to Kerrang!?
    Listen to Kerrang! radio?
    Have strong feelings about Vans vs. Keds?
    Explain every day to your parents that you weren’t a goth?

How Emo Were You?

You weren't particularly emo. You maybe had Bright Eyes as your Myspace profile song, but you had other interests, probably.
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You didn't identify as emo, but you probably owned a Panic! album or two, and definitely had a good supply of black eyeliner. Which you might even still own.
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You identified as emo, for sure. And if you had it your way, it would still be 2006 forever - you even can smell the hairspray now.
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