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15 Things You Need To Know About The Royal Baby

Simba's got nothing on this kid.

1. The royal baby will be the first child for William and Catherine, who got married in 2011.

2. Due to Kate's hyperemesis gravidarum, it was thought to be twins. It's not.

3. The due date is July, with some reports of July 13.

4. If it's a girl, 'Alexandra' or 'Elizabeth' is the bookie's favourite for a name.

5. If it's a boy, the bookies favour 'Charles' or 'George'.

6. Regardless of the sex, the baby will be third in line to the throne, after its father and Prince Charles.

7. There is a strong chance that the baby will have Catherine's hair, as the dark gene is dominant.

8. However, bookies are offering a 7/1 that the baby could have red hair like Harry.

9. In keeping with tradition, the birth announcement will be posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace.

10. It could be the first royal birth announced on Twitter — Clarence House tweeted the pair's engagement, so are likely to tweet the birth announcement also.

11. The baby is expected to be delivered in St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, where William and Harry were both born.

12. The parents and child will live at Kensington Palace, in apartment 1A.

13. It's no bedsit, though. The 'apartment' is a four-story, twenty-roomed mansion, whose former occupant was Princess Margaret.

14. The baby has an official lullaby, titled Sleep On.

15. It is unknown how the royal dog, Lupo, feels about the baby.