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15 Earth-Shattering Hufflepuff Problems

Hufflepuff 4ever.

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1. When someone cheats on a test and you're conflicted because you're too loyal to report it.

2. When the Fat Friar wants to have a pleasant chat with you and makes you late for Herbology.

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3. When you bang your head on the ceiling of the "round and earthy and low-ceilinged" common room.

4. When someone is telling a really boring story and you want to leave but you're too patient to cut them off.

5. When you've done something really great and you want to brag but you're too humble.

6. When people say Hufflepuffs are lame and you have to remind them that Hufflepuffs stayed and defended Hogwarts.

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7. When the common room is too crowded because Hufflepuff accepts every student.

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8. When Hagrid calls you "a lot o' duffers".

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9. Wanting to wear house colours but looking like a bee.

10. Having too much respect for the badger to laugh at Honey Badger videos.

11. Being late for class because you just stopped off for a quick snack in the kitchen and kept chatting with the house-elves.

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12. When you tap the wrong barrel to enter the common room and end up covered in vinegar.

13. When people won't believe you that Tonks was in Hufflepuff.

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14. And Cedric Diggory.

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15. When people always ask you to find something for them.

Actually, not a problem.

Actually, not a problem.