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7 Tiny Ways To Treat Yourself This Week

Treat yo self.

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1. Embrace your alarm.

Zoe Burnett/ BuzzFeed

Look, chances are that an alarm features in your daily life. And chances are, you find it irritating. You might have tried using your favourite song but now detest that song with a burning passion. So change it up.

"When I was 18 I bought myself a radio alarm clock and it changed my life," Flo says. "It's my greatest life tip. Waking up to music or voices is so much nicer than waking up to an alarm. You don't have to immediately turn it off, which means you are less likely to turn it off and fall straight back to sleep, and you don't have to move. Also, waking up to a slightly different sound each day means you don’t have one sound that always makes you wince." – Flo Perry

2. Help some plants to grow.

Instagram: @noughticulture

If you've only got a balcony (or even just some pot plants), then I can endorse @noughticulture – a helpful Instagram account for rookie gardeners. And if you've got bit more space, then now's the time to get stuck in.

"I helped my uncle out on his over run/neglected allotment yesterday – I've grown a garden before, but I forgot how therapeutic and rewarding it is to turn a bunch of weeds and rocks into a place where actual food can be grown! The before-and-after pictures are very visually satisfying too, and it's a really nice way to forget about work stress while getting a little bit of exercise." – Jordan Ballantine

3. Try to drink more water.


Yes, drinking more water is good for you, but sometimes the water just doesn't taste nice – especially if you live in an area with hard water and limescale. But an infuser is a neat way to have the best of both worlds.

"Since I've made a concerted effort to drink more water, I have genuinely found that my skin is clearer and I feel more alert. However, there's one small problem: I hate the taste of water. When I found out about water infusers – which consist of a plastic bottle with a pull-out middle section in which you place the fruit of your choice in order to infuse the water with its taste – I was sceptical. But the first time I took a sip from the infuser, I actually said out loud: 'Oh wow.' The water really did have a subtle, moreish flavour of the strawberries and raspberries I'd chosen. I now can't get enough, and hydrating my body no longer feels like a chore." – Ellie Woodward

4. Or find a new and delicious go-to drink.

Instagram: @k_gora

If I'm drinking alcohol, my go-to is a martini, made with the East London Liquor Company's Batch 2 Gin. If I'm not, I like to mix up apple juice with fizzy water, a squeeze of lime, and some mint leaves over ice. Either hits the spot, and for me, the process of creating a special beverage is just as important as the drink itself.

If you're looking for alcohol-free inspiration, here are 24 Drinks You Should Order If You’re Not Drinking. If you're looking for a new beer to try, then we asked some experts for recommendations. And if you're a gin fan like me, here are some fun gin cocktails to try.


5. Lose yourself in a book before bed.

M Patrinos/ BuzzFeed

"I'm very guilty of letting the TV or my Instagram feed lull me into sleep, but I always feel much better if I turn off all the screens and do some reading instead. It helps me disconnect from the world and empty my mind before bed, it's better for your eyes, and it adds a small sense of accomplishment to even the worst days.

"You can get through a lot of pages in even just a small 15–20-minute reading session, so it really ends the day on a peaceful, self-contained sense of pride. If I'm really not feeling my book, I colour instead." – Chelsey Pippin

6. Pick up the phone.

Flo Perry/BuzzFeed

I know that sometimes it might seem intimidating to pick up the phone and call a friend ("what if I interrupt them? what if they don't want to chat to me?") but any time that I have felt lonely, and then called up a pal, I've never regretted it.

If you're not sure how to start (and I am not being condescending here), here's an easy opening line: "Hey! We haven't chatted in a while and I was thinking of you. Do you have some time to catch up?"

If you're someone that hates talking on the phone, then you can adapt the above for a text inviting them out for a coffee too.

7. Create a pick-me-up playlist.

Instagram: @buzzfeeduk

On a day that you're feeling amazing, make a playlist for days when you're blue. Sometimes it's easy to overthink these playlists ("It must be inspiring! The mix must be seamless!") but honestly, just add songs that you like, in no particular order.

If you're not feeling great, and the idea of putting together a playlist is too much, just play one song you like on repeat, until you feel ready to listen to a new one. I like to keep a handful of songs for times like these. Current faves: "Boy Problems" by Carly Rae Jepsen, "Egyptian Shumba" by the Tammys, and "Release You" by Megan and Liz.