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    17 Ways To Drink Coffee Around The World

    Take it to the next level.

    1. Egg Coffee, Vietnam

    2. Kaffeost, Finland

    3. Kan Kohi, Japan

    4. Café des épices, Morocco

    5. Café Lagrima, Argentina

    6. Turkish Coffee, Turkey

    7. Cafe del Olla, Mexico

    8. Café au lait, France

    9. Cafe Bombon, Spain

    10. Espresso Romano, Italy

    11. Flat White, Australia/ New Zealand

    12. Pharisäer, Germany

    13. Frappé, Greece

    14. Yuan Yang, Hong Kong

    15. Café Cubano, Cuba

    16. Buna, Ethiopia

    17. Ca Phe Da, Vietnam

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