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We Need To Talk About Candice's Lipstick Game On "Bake Off"

Her lipstick is the real MVP.

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Candice's lipstick is Bake Off's MVP.


It never fades or smears! It changes colour every week!

Candice's lipstick on bake off last night still has me snatched👑

Her application skills are on par with her baking skills.

if this was 1692 id accuse candice of being a witch cus no mortal can make a biscuit pub AND make their lipstick last that long #GBBO

Her lipstick choices are one of the main reasons to watch Bake Off tbh.

I don't want Candice to go because then we won't see what Lipstick she has for next week. 😔 #GBBO

Yeah, yeah, cakes this, bread that. But we're all waiting for our girl to try out a matte nude lip.

This dark plum look is *perfect*.

Candice is my favorite contestant this season b/c her lipstick game is on point. Plus she threw a cake out a window.

And she's not afraid of a bright lip either.

BBC / Love Productions

Candice knows the value of a good lip pencil.

Even when Paul was critiquing her bake, Candice's lippy didn't budge. She is not here for a faded lip.

And we all know why she served her cake on a mirror.

If I was Candice I'd put my cake on a mirror too just to keep checking my glorious lipstick #GBBO

Coincidence that a sassy pink lip won her star baker? I think not.

The power of pink lipstick has come through for Candice #GBBO

Lipstick addicts have taken to guessing the shade each week.

Although they disagree on the brands.

I wonder what lipstick Candice is wearing. Looks a bit like NYX Copenhagen but a bit darker?

Candice has remained silent about her choices. But the fans wanna know!

Candice babes what lipstick have you got on ? #GBBO

The Huffington Post did some digging, but Candice didn't reveal her secrets: "Brown remained tight-lipped and a PR for the show told us that as Bake Off is broadcast on the BBC, which is a public service broadcaster, details of brands will not be released."

Although she won't reveal her choices, she is here to help all lipstick fans make the big decisions.

Berries for autumn. Seasonal!
Twitter: @CJ_Brownie

Berries for autumn. Seasonal!

Let's hope she stays in. We need a full colour palette people!


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