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7 Things To Do For Yourself This Week

Time to make a change.

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1. Unfollow somebody who annoys you.

If you do one thing this week, do this. I cannot advocate for it enough. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, UNFOLLOW THAT PERSON.

Do you need to see passive-aggressive status updates in the morning? Do you want to be presented with a tweet reacting in an annoying way to a new event? Do you crave a heavily filtered photo of someone's #EatClean lunch? Rid your life of annoyance, and breathe a sigh of relief.

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2. And replace them with something that makes you happy.

Instagram: @little_maisey

"I follow hardly any people I actually know on Instagram. My feed is about 95% cats, and every morning I go through it and just like absolutely everything. Cats are great, you can't be jealous of a cat, and it feels good to spread some love. All cat instagram accounts are good. This is my fave at the moment.

"That's my tip. Only follow cats ever. I follow my faves on Facebook too." – Flo Perry

3. Then put your phone down.

Terri Pous / BuzzFeed

"I've been trying to leave my phone in other rooms when I'm around the house so I can focus on reading a book, or watching the telly, or staring into space, so I don't obsessively check the internet every second of the day.

"On that note, I've also turned notifications off all my social media apps. That way I still check into them now and again, but not every single time an alert pops up." – Laura Silver


5. Try a hack you've always read about.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Recently, I tried five different blonde shampoos (sharing with a friend) to see which was best for me. It was surprisingly fun, and even though it was for an article, I really enjoyed paying attention to the factors that made me enjoy a product.

You don't have to splash out though, after reading about it online, Tabatha tried out using argan oil, and is now a big fan:

"I started using Moroccan argan oil on my hair six months ago, and it looks soooo much thicker and glossier than it ever has. I rub a pea-sized amount into my hands and apply it from the middle of my hair down to the ends every morning. I also apply it to the ends of my hair liberally every time I go swimming (sorry other swimmers) to make sure the chlorine doesn't dry out my hair. It's really cheap and 100% worth it." – Tabatha Leggett

6. Get in touch with your body.

Chelsey Pippin

"I love this kikki k health tracker, and I love that it's not part of my phone, which gives me a bit more autonomy on how I use it.

"I find fitness tracker apps to be a bit *triggering*, especially with push notifications and the competitive, overly analytic attitude they seem to promote. While there's a space for it, I don't count calories (and because it's not on my phone it doesn't automatically log them in!), but I do use it to get an idea of what food I eat, how good I'm feeling, and how I'm sleeping, and to pat myself on the back when I do work out!

"I love that it's not dated so if I miss a few days I don't have to go back and look at blank pages and feel like I screwed up, and I love that it includes goal pages with rewards!" – Chelsey Pippin

7. And love that body too.

Kaye Toal / BuzzFeed

I cannot recommend this essay by Kaye enough.

There are lots of sections where I found myself nodding furiously along, and certain sections may resonate with you more, but here's one to chew on:

"Someone else is a completely different person, after all, with a completely different genetic makeup, a completely different lifestyle, and completely different goals and priorities. Neither of us is better than the other; we’re both rad."