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    39 Signs You Grew Up In The '90s

    From Britpop to Billie Piper, the '90s were awesome.

    1. TFI Friday was as wild as your weekend got

    2. Art Attack made you think that anything was possible when you had PVA glue and stickyback plastic

    3. And it blew your mind when they zoomed out on the big collage

    4. You would do basically anything to get a Blue Peter badge

    5. You totally had a system for sorting the silver paper from the gold in The Crystal Maze

    6. All they wanted to do was cross the road!

    7. You longed to put your teacher on Get Your Own Back

    8. Saturday mornings meant Chums and Pokemon on SM:tv Live

    9. You agonised over whether to be Ryu or Ken

    10. The only rap you knew was the Bartman

    11. You remember when Billie Piper was a pop star

    12. 911?

    13. Or A1?

    14. Blur?

    15. Or Oasis?

    16. Kellogg's provided all you needed to pimp your ride

    17. Frubes! Rip their heads off and suck their guts out!

    18. You knew some squash was too orangey for crows

    19. You were confused when Opal Fruits became Starburst

    20. Fruitini in your lunch box was the best. As long as it wasn't the custard version

    21. You didn't feel organized until you had put it in your Fun Fax

    22. You were a little bit scared of Shakespears Sister

    23. You were convinced you could speak Furbish


    25. You practiced drawing the Nike logo over and over

    26. Opal Fruits and Skittle yo-yos were playground currency

    27. You fought over who got to be the Red Ranger with your friends

    28. You could play the theme tune to Rugrats on the piano

    29. You knew the dance routine to "The Macarena"

    30. And to "Saturday Night"

    31. You wore snapper tracksuit bottoms, despite knowing that someone would rip them open

    32. You worried your Tamagotchi would get separation anxiety when you were at school

    33. You debated with your friends how Rose could have saved Jack

    34. You could recite the intro to "Never Ever" by heart

    35. Bullet Bill was your nemesis

    36. You couldn't wait for Trans World Sport to be over so you could watch The Raccoons

    37. Your ambition in life was to win a GamesMaster Golden Joystick

    38. The theme tune to Round The Twist is lodged in your brain to this very day

    39. You dreamed of getting gunged on Live & Kicking