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28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

The 11th Doctor is so handsome, but also the worst.

1. The Doctor might have two hearts, but he's got a dark past.

2. He's not always the good guy.

3. As soon as you get to know him, he changes entirely.

4. There will always be another woman in his life.

5. He has questionable taste in accessories...


7. He's emotionally distant.

8. And he has serious boundary issues.

9. He's a terrible wedding guest.

10. And is in constant contact with his exes.

11. He'll build up your trust...

12. Only to break it, and your heart with it.

13. He'd never take you to fancy restaurants, he prefers to eat at home.

14. You'd always have to explain his job to people who just don't understand.

15. Worst. Flirt. Ever.

16. He'll over-react to everything.

17. And is terribly sentimental.

18. He's reckless.

19. And you'll be in constant danger.

20. Again with the constant danger.

21. Constant. Danger.

22. He'll never remember to call.

23. And refuses to commit.

24. He will take everything from you.

25. And you will give everything to him.

26. But forget all the bad stuff.

27. We'd totally still go out with him.

BBC/ Adrian Rogers

28. Because what do a few flaws matter when there's all of time and space to visit?