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Updated on Jul 15, 2013. Posted on Jun 11, 2013

22 Reasons Prince Harry Will Rule At Being An Uncle

Royal baby, you have all this to look forward to.

1. Harry was a royal baby once too.

2. He's lived his life in the public eye.

3. So he knows how to approach the media.

4. And how to respond appropriately.

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5. He's good with kids.

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6. He'd take you on the best days out.

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7. You could go to the footy.

8. Or for a ride in his helicopter.

9. He'd liven up boring family events.

10. And he'd always be ready for a kickabout.

11. He'd really get into the Christmas spirit.

12. He could probably cook you a snack if pushed.

13. But bear in mind that snack might just be toast.

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14. He loves a good prank.

15. He's a master of disguise.

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16. And he can fly.

17. He'd teach you when the right time was to wear a morning suit.

18. And when no suit was needed.

19. He likes dogs, so he's always up for minding Lupo.

20. He knows all the right people.

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21. And beneath it all, is actually a pretty solid guy.

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A fellow soldier has revealed that in 2008, the Prince defended him from a homophobic attack.

22. And ultimately, come on, who doesn't want an uncle that hangs out with the Spice Girls?

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