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21 Goths Having A Nice Time

Happy World Goth Day!

1. These goths lying on the grass.

2. This goth playing crazy golf.

3. These goths keeping cool in the park.

4. These goths visiting the food court.

5. These goths on a company day out.

6. These goths visiting the White House.

7. These goths larking about in the suburbs.

8. This goth at the playground.

9. This goth cheerfully doing some spring cleaning.

10. These goths having a kickabout.

11. These goths using the portaloos at a festival.

12. This goth having a spiritual moment.

13. These goths eating some ice-cream.

14. This goth flying a kite in the park.

15. These Christmastime goths.

16. This goth on a skiing holiday.

17. This goth enjoying a day at the seaside.

18. This goth who loves the funfair.

19. This goth enjoying competitively priced cocktails in a branch of Wetherspoons.

20. This goth who's in touch with nature.

21. And this goth who's delighted to be riding a donkey.

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