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An Exclusive First Look At London's New Cereal Cafe

An exclusive first look at Cereal Killer in Brick Lane.

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1. It will be open day and night.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

"We officially open on Wednesday," Gary Keery, who owns the cafe with his twin brother, Alan, told BuzzFeed Life. "We're going to have eight staff and we're going to open from 7am till 10pm. People have been knocking on the windows already, peering in."

2. It's well priced.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

All imported cereal costs the same price as regular cereal; the menu begins with a small bowl of cereal for £2.50 (30g) and goes up to a large bowl for £3.50 (50g). And it comes with milk on the side. "People are very particular about the amount of milk, and the amount of crunch they want," Gary (right) says. "And then toppings are 20p extra, like mini Oreos and so on."

And if you're lactose intolerant, there's space for you too. "We're going to have about 30 different types of milk," Gary says, "from almond milk to oat milk to soy milk and so on."


3. Rare cereal fans, you're in luck.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

The cafe features over 60 types of cereal, from all around the world. "Oreo-Os were so hard to track down," Gary says. "They're from South Korea, and people are selling them for £30, £40 a box on eBay. Boo-Beeries are limited edition – they're only out at Hallowe'en."

Alan adds: "But everything is the same price: English cereals are the same price as the American cereals. If you want Frosties, go down to Tesco and buy them."

4. The idea for the cafe came from a brainwave.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

Gary says that he and Alan "were just out one day, and we stopped for lunch. And I said, 'What do you want, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese?' and so on. And what I wanted was a bowl of cereal, and it was like, a-ha!" Previously, Gary was a sales manager for a brand of electronic cigarettes, while Alan was a senior store manager at Superdry.

5. The decor is full of vintage cereal paraphernalia.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

"We want people to come in and go, 'Oh my god, I remember that!'" Gary says. "We searched 'cereal', 'cereal box', ''80s cereal', all that, on eBay. Even that Monsters, Inc. box, that's not even that old. You pay more for the postage than the actual box."

6. Cereal is everywhere, even in the artwork.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

"I did the Cheerio portrait of [TV serial killer] Dexter," Gary says. "I used toasted Cheerios to do the dark bits. And then a guy contacted us, offering us another cereal portrait. And then another artist got in touch with an A-Z of cereal, and that's for sale too."


11. And there are plenty of cereal-themed sweet treats.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

Like Lucky Charms Cheesecake, Cocoa Pops Brownies, or Reese's Puffs Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, created by Nina's Bakes.


13. The cafe has generated worldwide interest.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

"We got a lot of interest from your article," Gary says. "And it just went mad. We did about five or six radio interviews in two days, it's been all over the world. It was even in a Mexican newspaper!"

15. So what are you waiting for?

16. Get on down and visit!

Find Cereal Killer on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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