13 TV Chat Shows You’d Completely Forgotten Existed

Who let Suggs have his own series?

1. This Is Dom Joly

Broadcast: March 16 2003- 27 May 2003.
Notable guests: Guy Ritchie, Germaine Greer, Lembit Opik.
Trivia: Joly presented the show as an egotistical character, with the same name as him, leaving viewers confused as to what was real, and what wasn’t.

2. Suggs In The City

Broadcast: 29 May 2008 - 17 July 2008.
Notable guests: Paul Weller, Dirty Pretty Things, The Charlatans.
Trivia: The show was filmed in Soho’s famous members club, The Colony Room.

3. The Sharon Osbourne Show

Broadcast: 29 August 2006 - 12 October 2006.
Notable guests: Louis Walsh, Chico, Sinitta.
Trivia: The show was created to rival Paul O’Grady, but was cancelled due to low viewers.

4. The Russell Brand Show

Broadcast: 24 November 2006- 22 December 2006.
Notable guests: Matt Lucas, Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse.
Trivia: The show’s theme tune was ‘Deadwood’ by Dirty Pretty Things.

5. The Michael Ball Show

Broadcast: 16 August 2010- 24 September 2010.
Notable guests: The Saturdays, Vidal Sassoon, Whoopi Goldberg.
Trivia: The show had a strong musical theatre element, and often included performances from West End shows.

6. Katie and Peter: Unleashed

Broadcast: 19 October 2007- 11 December 2007.
Notable guests: Nicole Scherzinger, Brian Dowling, Rupert Everett.
Trivia: The duo followed Unleashed with Katie and Peter: Down Under, and Katie and Peter: Stateside .

7. James Corden’s World Cup Live

Broadcast: 12 June 2010 - 11 July 2010.
Notable guests: Katy Perry, Shakira, Chris Moyles.
Trivia: The show included a segment called ‘Heston Blumen-Cool or Heston Blumem-Fool?’

8. The Justin Lee Collins Show

Broadcast: 19 March 2009- 21 May 2009.
Notable guests: McFly, Hank Azaria, Whoopi Goldberg.
Trivia: There was a running gag where Collins would mention ‘Something Inside So Strong’ singer Labi Siffre.

9. F2F

Broadcast: October 1996- August 1997.
Notable guests: The show was co-hosted by Sacha Baron Cohen and Natasha Kaplinksy and featured a teenage studio audience.
Trivia: F2F was the first appearance of Cohen’s characters Borat and Ali G.

10. Davina

Broadcast: 15 February- 12 April 2006.
Notable guests: Lulu, Pierce Brosnan, Dawn French.
Trivia: The show only lasted one series, due to poor ratings.

11. Lily Allen and Friends

Broadcast: 12 February- 1 April 2008.
Notable guests: Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Adele.
Trivia: The audience consisted of Allen’s online ‘friends’, and had a segment called ‘Youtube Hero’.

12. The Charlotte Church Show

Broadcast: 1 September 2006- 21 December 2008.
Notable guests: Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Solange Knowles.
Trivia: In December 2006, the show won Church the Best Female Newcomer award at the British Comedy Awards.

13. Meet Ricky Gervais

Broadcast: 22 September 2000- 27 October 2000.
Notable guests: Paul Daniels, Michael Winner.
Trivia: Gervais has since distanced himself from the show, saying “I thought people would understand that I was playing a character.”

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