We Know If You Have Resting Bitch Face Based On Your ’00s Choices

It isn’t my fault — my face just looks like this.

  1. Pick a '00s cellphone:
    1. Motorola Razr V3
    2. LG Chocolate
    1. Sidekick
    2. Blackberry
  2. What did you call AOL messenger?
    1. A.I.M.
    2. Aim
    3. I.M.?
    4. Something else
  3. Pick a Lizzie McGuire:
    1. Via Disney Channel
    2. Via Disney Channel
  4. Did you know that how to "crank dat Soulja Boy"?
    1. Frick yeah!
    2. Frick no!
  5. Admit it, did you have a crush on Aaron Carter?
    1. Via Disney Channel
    2. Via Jive Records
  6. Choose an era of Amanda:
    1. Via Nickelodeon
      All That
    2. Via The WB
      What I Like About You
    3. Via Nickelodeon
      The Amanda Show
  7. When you were busy being a mall rat, which store was your first stop?
    1. Abercrombie & Fitch
    2. American Eagle
    1. Hollister
    2. Hot Topic
  8. Did you own a LiveStrong bracelet?
    1. Yes
    2. Nope
  9. Pick a '00s fashion trend that you'd still wear:
    1. Peasant shirts
    2. Juicy tracksuits
    1. Puka shell necklaces
    2. Trucker hats
  10. Choose a life-defining MTV show:
    1. Via MTV
      Room Raiders
    2. Via MTV
    3. Via MTV
      Pimp My Ride
  11. Can you name a more dynamic duo than Paris and Nicole?

    I’m waiting…

    1. Via FOX
      Nope. The Simple Life was everything.
    2. Via Kevin Winter / Getty Images
      Yes, literally anyone else. Like Britney and JT, for example.
  12. Choose a '00s song:
    1. Via Polydor Records
      “Ignition (Remix)” by R. Kelly
    2. Via BME Recordsings
      “Get Low” by Lil John
  13. Were you Team Lauren Conrad or Team Kristin Cavallari?
    1. Via MTV
    2. Via MTV

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