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19 Thanksgiving Experiences Only Children Of Immigrants Will Understand

Everybody loves a holiday where you eat delicious food with your family.

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2. If your extended family is mostly abroad, you and your parents might just go out to a movie instead of cooking.

7. Your family might have just decided to say screw it, we're ordering pizza.

10. Or maybe your family just replaced the turkey entirely with a more relatable meat, like chicken or duck.

12. But the staples from your home country are definitely represented in full-force.

17. Even if it's not totally traditional, your Thanksgiving is THE BEST because who can resist an amazing platter of diverse flavors like this?

18. Or a table full of hungry people who love you and love food?

19. The best part is family visiting from abroad. They're like: I don't know what this holiday is, but I'm eating everything. Good holiday. Very good holiday.

We all have our own ways of celebrating. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!