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Posted on Nov 25, 2014

19 Thanksgiving Experiences Only Children Of Immigrants Will Understand

Everybody loves a holiday where you eat delicious food with your family.

1. Your parents tell you about a time when they didn't understand what Thanksgiving was.

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2. If your extended family is mostly abroad, you and your parents might just go out to a movie instead of cooking.

3. You really wish your whole family was with you, so you call as many people as you can.


4. If you do celebrate, your parents have definitely put their own special spin on Thanksgiving.

Erum and Athar Usmani

5. At first, no one understood how to acquire a turkey…

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6. ...or even how to cook it.

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7. Your family might have just decided to say screw it, we're ordering pizza.

8. But after a few years of experimentation, your parents hit their stride and began to experiment with Thanksgiving fusion.

Erum and Athar Usmani

Enter Tandoori Turkey.

9. After that spicy, juicy goodness, you'll never go back to regular ol' turkey.

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The leftover sandwiches? To die for.

10. Or maybe your family just replaced the turkey entirely with a more relatable meat, like chicken or duck.

11. You can't expect to have every Thanksgiving item on the table. You might have a dinner without pies, cranberry sauce, or yams.

12. But the staples from your home country are definitely represented in full-force.

13. Everyone pretty much ignores or criticizes the history behind the holiday.

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14. You do, however, watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with your little cousins.

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15. Speaking of little cousins, there are like 20 of them and they go crazy on Thanksgiving.


16. And older relatives try to talk to the kids in their native language, but it's awkward.

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17. Even if it's not totally traditional, your Thanksgiving is THE BEST because who can resist an amazing platter of diverse flavors like this?

18. Or a table full of hungry people who love you and love food?

19. The best part is family visiting from abroad. They're like: I don't know what this holiday is, but I'm eating everything. Good holiday. Very good holiday.

We all have our own ways of celebrating. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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