I Interviewed My Dad For BuzzFeed's New Podcast "See Something Say Something"

    Also featuring comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh!

    On Episode 5 of the BuzzFeed podcast See Something Say Something, host Ahmed Ali Akbar talks to his dad, Dr. Waheed Akbar, and comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh about American Muslim parents.

    Zahra is also a writer and co-host of the #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast.

    Zahra talks to Ahmed about the first time her parents found out she started wearing makeup...

    Sneak peak of episode 5! I ask @ZahraComedy about the first secret she ever kept from her parents. (I ask my dad t… https://t.co/0AoomVIJ0W

    ...and the complications of being a Muslim woman and comedian.

    .@ZahraComedy also talked to me about how much thought goes into her comedy routines compared to your average white… https://t.co/0l9MHEUrYa

    Meanwhile, Ahmed and Dr. Akbar do some father-son bonding.

    Listen to me talk to my dad —the ORIGINAL rad brown dad —about how he came to see me as more than just his son.

    Gotta love dads.

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