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    Dear World, There Is No 'Z' In 'Muslim'

    It's pronounced like it's spelled.

    So, most Muslims pronounce the word "Muslim" pretty much how it's spelled.

    So why are "Mozlem" and "Muzlim" such common American pronunciations?

    Not to pick on Jimmy Kimmel in particular; it's pretty much a nationwide epidemic.

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    Just to point out the difference, here's the side-by-side in Roman script.

    Ahmed Akbar for BuzzFeed

    Most people say it like the right, but it's spelled and pronounced like the left.

    And here it is in Arabic script.

    Ahmed Akbar for BuzzFeed

    Again, same thing. On the right, how it's accurately spelled and pronounced - 'Muslim.' On the left, a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORD.

    Both languages are in complete agreement there is a difference between the letter "S" and a "Z" in spelling AND pronunciation.

    So where y'all finding the Z?


    Seriously, where?


    W H E R E

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    H O W


    So let's say you're like "Nah, I'm good. I'll keep pronouncing it 'Mozlem.'" Here is a list of proposed spelling changes.



    Benito Muzzolini


    Muzzels (like the shellfish)



    Bernie Zanders

    Wis Khalifa

    Jay-S (the rapper)

    Wisard of Os

    Mussle (like for a dog)

    Taylor Zwift

    Pepperoni Pissa ("Let's go get some 'Sa, bro.")

    Pazta Sauce

    Zpelling Bee



    OK, to recap.

    Muslim. Not Mozlem. Get it together.

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