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    Sep 23, 2015

    22 Tumblr Posts That Hilariously Sum Up Video Game Culture

    Sorry nerd, it’s Donkey Kong time.

    1. This surefire way to start a fight on the internet:

    2. This perfect parody of how badly Animal Crossing towns want Bells:

    3. This special moment:

    4. This accurate summary of your relationship with Nintendo.


    5. When the very weird Super Mario Bros. Super Show wrote Luigi perfectly:

    6. Ah, yes. The game of life:

    7. When Tumblr perfectly summarized your day with Fallout:

    8. When Animal Crossing didn't distinguish well between food and friend:

    9. When Tumblr reminded you of some poorly known Star Fox lore:

    10. When everything lined up perfectly in Grand Theft Auto:

    11. When you realize the Final Fantasy 7 remake has a LOT of work to do:

    12. This post that pretty much sums up all games:

    13. When Tumblr asked the real questions:

    14. When games fucked you over so many times you became paranoid:

    15. This perfect summary of competitive gaming mentality:

    16. When Animal Crossing gave you the ability to choose your nickname:

    17. When Nintendo of America was way too geeked about the Wii's influence in pop culture:

    18. When Donkey Kong became king of Tumblr:

    19. If this doesn't pop up on your dash once a week, you probably don't really love games:

    20. When this dog was waiting to tank some enemy hits to unlock his limit break:

    21. When the Moon from Majora's Mask was strangely relatable.

    22. And this reminder of how much things have changed:

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