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22 Pure Things That Will Cleanse Your Broken Soul

Be healed. Be whole.

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1. This pure and perfect meme.

2. This decent and noble biker who just wanted to connect with another human.

3. This irreproachable joke.

4. This independent dog who doesn't need a human.

5. This moment that probably has actually happened once.

6. The way Netflix describes Guy Fieri.

7. This perfectly good joke that only someone truly heartless wouldn't laugh at.

8. This beautiful cinnamon roll meeting his heroes.

Via ‚Äč[12:21]

9. This tender friendship.

10. This magical moment between two friends.

11. This very sincere suggestion.

12. This unexpected twist.

13. The sound these little babies make.

14. This talent that needs to be treasured and cherished.

15. This elegant dog trying on some shoes.

17. This morning ritual.

18. This man who will do anything to feed hungry dogs.


19. This game.

20. This hero saving lives.

21. This fluffball.

22. And this platonic ideal of a grandma.

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