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    • Aheiden12

      This is obviously not fact, however, based on my experience, I think that the testosterone level of a man may be in direct correlation with his penis size. I’ve dated a few men in my day, and based on this theory, it kind of fits. Let me give you an example from 4 if the men I’ve dated (all of which are on the high end/low end of the penis size scale) 1.- semi small penis, but doable. Possibly 4 inches fully erect on a good day. He was a softy. Always wanting to cuddle, give hugs, and said ‘I love you all the time.’ He was very average in bed, and liked to light candles whenever we had sex. He was basically a female, but was a hard worker, like to hunt, and had many masculine qualities about him too. 2.- he had a decently large size penis. Probably about 6.5 inches fully erect. He was very masculine. He loved sports, and loved playing them even more. He was kind of romantic, but not really. When it came down to it, he basically just wanted to get laid. 3.- the smallest dick I have ever encountered. It was at most 2 inches long fully erect, and that is being generous. I didn’t even know what to do with it. I stuck around because he was a big sweetheart, and was funny…but again, very loving, and cuddly. Could it be low testosterone? When we finally had sex, it was awkward and I didn’t really feel anything…but pretended I did so not to make him feel bad (was I helping or hurting him by doing that?) The condom he wore looked like you were putting a hot dog in a garbage bag. I was embarrassed for him. I know he was ashamed of his size, because we took a shower together one time, and he held his hands down low trying to cover up his junk the entire time - as if he was ashamed of them. Poor guy. He was so nice, but not for me. 4- this guy was huuugee. Biggest penis I’ve ever seen. Probably 9-9.5 inches erect. He was like the brawny man. Like a lumberjack. He was a big guy (muscular and tall, not an ounce of fat) and liked adventure. He was a hard worker, liked getting his hands dirty, and was always up for a challenge. He was smart, strong, and manly. As Tim Taylor put it, ‘argh, argh, argh’ would have been his tag line if you were selling him. He had so much testosterone, and such a big penis. So, based on my experiences with guys, and from what my friends have told me too…testosterone levels (or how macho a guy is) is also in direct comparison with penis size. I’m not saying big penis=good, or vice versa, I’m just saying their might be a comparison between the two. Thoughts?

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