If You're Having A Tough Week, I Highly Recommend Reading These Children's Hilarious Christmas Requests

    "When my nephew was four, he wanted 'green.'"

    We recently asked the people of BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest things their kids have requested. Combined with the comments from a previous year's post on the topic, we thought we'd share our faves:

    1. "My almost five-year-old niece told me she wanted my 'fresh teeth'."

    "She told me to 'make sure they’re fresh. Or else!'. Thank goodness this was over FaceTime! I got her dolls, clothes, a Nerf gun, and a Frozen bike. I hope she soon forgets about my teeth because she brought it up AGAIN last week."


    2. "A Guy Fieri stuffed doll."

    "It came out of nowhere but we pulled it off thanks to a lot of panicky phone calls, reaching out to Guy Fieri’s team, and a lovely last-minute save from my friends' crafty grandmother who made the BEST doll." 


    3. "When my nephew was four, he wanted 'green.'"

    "When he was five, he wanted a wolf suit. When he was seven, he wanted a tuxedo. That kid's a riot."


    4. "A rainbow raccoon."


    5. "My four-year-old has asked for a pack of balloons this year."

    "Last year she wanted a picture of her and her little bro in a frame." 


    6. "My four-year-old asked for acrylic nails."

    "I don't even have acrylic nails. I have no idea where she even learned what they're called. Hopefully, she will be happy with some new nail polish instead."


    7. "My four-year-old is adamant that he wants to be a train (specifically a steam engine) when he grows up. So naturally, he asked for coal for Christmas."

    "He has gotten some extremely interesting looks when we have gone to see Santa. Don't worry. I have candy coal AND a small bag of REAL coal to go in his stocking. He is going to be so excited Christmas morning!"


    8. "A reindeer’s horseshoe."

    "He wanted to see if Santa could really get him anything he asked for. We dipped a pony’s horseshoe in glitter and he loved it!"


    9. "Last year, my nephew asked for a giant bag of Cheetos and honestly, same."


    10. "Combs. Just a bunch of different combs."


    11. "A vacuum cleaner."


    12. "My 12-year-old asked to have her very own ham all to herself."


    13. "An alarm clock and a backscratcher."


    14. "When my daughter was four (she's 12 now), she asked for exactly two things: a green present with a yellow star, and a box of raisin bran."

    "So I bought her a box of raisin bran, wrapped it in green paper, and made a yellow star to put on it. You would have thought she'd won the lottery, she was so happy!

    A couple of years after that, she asked Santa for a million dollars."


    15. "A cup of dirt and some fake leaves."

    "He got some gardening gloves and a Spiderman watering can."


    16. "Chicken feed."


    17. "My five-year-old asked for a human anatomy doll this year, specifically one in which she could hold the brain in her hands."


    18. "Broccoli seeds."


    19. "Some blue pens, a magazine, and some figs."


    20. "A carton of 2% milk. Not 1%, not skim, 2%."


    21. "My five-year-old asked for a lion."

    "I thought she meant one of those jelly ones she’d seen but when I asked she looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said 'no mummy, an actual lion. Like the ones at the zoo.'

    I had to explain Santa probably wouldn’t manage to fit a large, carnivorous apex predator in her stocking."


    22. "A green bean and a lemon."

    "Another year she asked for 100 turtles." 


    23. "Last year my four-year-old nephew asked for soap and a golden balloon that’ll make him float away from earth."

    "This year he wants a gold infinity crystal 'like the one Thanos uses to kill people'. He’s freaking preparing for battle!"


    24. "Family-sized boxes of canned olives and ravioli."


    25. "Big Ben."


    26. "A fire extinguisher."


    27. "A big bag of croutons."


    28. "Horseradish."


    29. "My six-year-old is desperate for Father Christmas to bring him a thesaurus."


    Have your kids asked for anything wild this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.