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    If You're Having A Tough Week, I Highly Recommend Reading These Children's Hilarious Christmas Requests

    Honestly, more of us should ask for rhinos IMO.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the wildest Christmas request they've ever seen from a child. Here are some of the best responses!

    1. "My seven-year-old wants Santa to turn her into a dog for 24 hours so she can 'do dog things' and understand our family pet."

    PBS Kids, CBeebies

    "I shouldn’t be surprised – when people ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says 'a dog'."


    2. "Last year, my son only asked for two items – 1) a goat, and 2) Smile Direct Invisalign."

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    "He was only ten years old."


    3. "I asked my son what he was going to ask Santa to bring him and he excitedly yelled 'CHEESE!'."

    Warner Bros.

    "The fact that he's one and it's one of the seven words he says consistently is besides the point."


    4. "Last year, my sister asked for (I kid you not) a stepping stool, a garbage can, wooden spoons – not to mix with, but to eat with – and Febreeze air freshener!"


    "She’s nine."


    5. "My seven-year-old son asked for a bar of gold. Like the ones in movies."

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pitctures

    "They cost around $800,000 depending on the day."


    6. "My sister asked for a big rock when she was little. Like the boulders they have outside high schools."

    DreamWorks Pictures

    "I’m pretty sure it’s still at the house and has been there for over 10 years."


    7. "My son asked for a real rhino and a Komodo dragon costume."

    Paramount Pictures

    "He also asked for fact cards to help him learn the Latin names of animals when he was four. The list goes on – to nobody's surprise, he grew up to be a scientist."


    8. "My son (who is four) asked for a HDMI cable."

    UPN, The CW

    9. "All my niece wanted one year was 'life-size, remote-control, wrestling monkeys'."


    "When I suggested that might be tricky, she said – with a big sigh – 'well, if that's too hard, I don't mind if they're boxing instead of wrestling'."


    10. "My three-year-old asked me for another set of hands."


    "I get it, I really do!"


    11. "My six-year-old daughter asked for a superhero cape."


    "Specifically, she asked for 'a real one that flies, not a costume'."


    12. "One year it was a Spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear and a 'duck with two magnets'".

    LOGO TV, VH1

    "I found them both! This year he's asked for a Thomas The Tank Engine book, but the Japanese version. He saw a boy from Japan on YouTube with this book and really wants it."


    13. "At school, my six-year-old brother had to write a letter to Santa. He asked for a weekend!"


    14. "My seven-year-old daughter asked for a giant pack of bacon this year."

    Cartoon Network, HBO Max

    "I mean, I love bacon but even *I* had to draw the line somewhere."


    15. "When I was a child, I asked for a lion cub."

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "I wanted my own cub after holding one in a zoo for an anniversary or something. I told my mother 'if you can't get me a lion cub for Christmas, we can just steal the one in the zoo!'."


    16. "This year, my six-year-old sister asked for a stick for Christmas."

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "That's it. We live beside a forest and she asks Santa for a stick! To be clear, she had nothing else on her wish list."


    17. "My six-year-old asked for a unicorn that grants wishes."

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "My eight-year-old asked for a PS5, but said he'd also love a smart watch. The wish-granting unicorn is more likely to happen this year!"


    18. "I asked my parents for several cans of shaving cream when I was five."

    19. "My brother (who is allergic to dairy, BTW) asked for six boxes of pizza rolls."


    "That's it. That's all he asked for."


    20. "This year, my six-year-old asked for a candy dish full of peppermints."


    "Done, kid."


    21. "Every year, my son asks for a Costco-size box of Hot Pockets."


    "His grandparents happily oblige."


    22. "My seven-year-old sister asked to become an elf."

    New Line Cinema

    "Like an elf on the shelf. I wish I was kidding."


    23. "I asked my four-year-old son a few weeks ago what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas. His answer was 'green pipes'."


    "Let me give you some backstory here! When daycares got shut down in March and we were left balancing two full-time jobs and a four-year-old, my kid learned how to play Nintendo. We eventually bought him a Switch to keep him occupied in the middle of the day while the two of us had to work at the same time! When he asked for the pipes, I said 'okay buddy, you want some warp pipes like in Mario for your toys to go down?' (if you haven't played any SuperMario games, the main character slides down pipes as a method of transportation). Nope! He wants BIG warp pipes so he can go down them."


    24. "My three-year-old asked for pink toilet paper!"


    "My daughter heard us talking about her great grandmother's all-pink tile bathroom from the '60s. When Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she paused, grinned, then announced 'pink toilet paper!'. When Santa asked her why, she said 'to match my great grandmama's bathroom!'."


    25. "When my oldest was three or four, she asked Santa for a polar bear – and more specifically, a polar bear with a shooting star that appears when you open the present."


    "She got a stuffed polar bear and a sparkler. She was definitely disappointed by the sparkler."


    26. "My niece wrote her letter to Santa a few days ago and asked for a purple mattress."

    27. "When I was five, I asked my parents for Sleeping Beauty to come live with us."

    Walt Disney Studios

    "Also, last year I asked for a case of saltines because I really liked them!"


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