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    23 Satisfying Products Perfectionists Will Probably Love

    Prepare to have your soul SOOTHED.

    1. These silicone strips will seal the gap between your oven and your countertop.

    2. Sick of spending ages trying to get that perfect cat eye? These eyeliner stamps basically do it for you.

    3. If you've got dyed blonde hair this purple shampoo will remove the yellow undertones from it.

    4. This bun maker and styling kit will give you a perfect top knot every time!

    5. You can finally, finally get rid of that gross patch in your bathroom with some of this mould remover spray.

    6. How intensely satisfying does this paper slicer look?

    7. You'll be able to tell exactly when your food is done with this meat thermometer.

    8. This cleaning goo will get right in between the gaps of your keyboard and the vents in your car.

    9. This carpet cleaner will clean up that really annoying stain.

    10. A jewellery cleaning pen will get right into the nooks and crannies of your precious metals and stones.

    11. Suede brushes are great for that winter weather.

    12. A package resealer will close those half-empty packets of biscuits and crisps when you're done with them.

    13. A mattress stain remover is the perfect inexpensive way to treat marks and discolouration on your mattress.

    14. Store all of your socks in perfect, organised pockets with these honeycomb sock organisers.

    15. This makeup sponge holder will give your sponge a home AND allow it to dry really hygienically after you've washed it.

    16. Peel-off nail polish will give your manicure those crisp, clean lines you've probably been craving.

    17. Those eyebrow shavers can trim your brows and get rid of your peach fuzz too!

    18. This descaler will transform your cuppa in ten minutes.

    19. A clip-on ring light will make your selfies really pop.

    20. An icing set will make your bakes look just *chef's kiss*.

    21. This bookmark doesn't just stop at the last page you finished, it'll point to the last word too.

    22. A good hob cleaner will leave ceramic, glass, and metal hobs gleaming.

    23. These hob stickers will restore the worn-out marks on your cooker!

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