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    27 Cheap Things To Help Solve Life's Annoying Little Problems

    Products to stop everyday nuisances, from tangled cords to overcooked food.

    1. This makeup remover takes the hassle out of your evening routine.

    2. You can get this sharpener to sort out those annoyingly blunt knives.

    3. This tea infuser will help you use loose leaf tea without those irritating lil' bits falling out into your cup.

    4. You can attach this mini ring light to your phone so that bad lighting doesn't ruin your selfies.

    5. A divider for your earphones, so you don't have to share the one pair with your buddy.

    6. An under-eye roller that works for everyone.

    7. This angry mother cleaner will loosen the grease and stains from your microwave in minutes.

    8. I have needed these teabag squeezers my whole life and never knew it.

    9. This cord organiser will tidy up those ugly wires on your desk and make your earphones less likely to tangle in your pocket.

    10. This dispenser is the perfect way to get the most out of your toothpaste.

    11. Some measuring cups (you've probably been meaning to get some for a while.)

    12. You can get a portable handbag hanger to help you worry less about your purse.

    13. Some hob stickers to replace the worn-out ones on your oven.

    14. A set of erasable pens, because we all make mistakes.

    15. Dermarollers exfoliate your skin, improve circulation, and claim to reduce your pore size.

    16. This spray will make almost anything you apply it to waterproof, preventing your stuff from getting uncomfortably soggy or stained.

    17. This makeup remover pen will help you fix those pesky lil' mistakes in your makeup.

    18. This stick-on phone ring will save your phone from being dropped.

    19. A super long fabric-covered USB iPhone charger won't fray easily, and it's two metres long, so you can browse from your bed with ease.

    20. Some mats that will protect the bottom of your oven from grease, crumbs, and more.

    21. Get those last little bits from your jars and bottles with this tiny spatula.

    22. This can colander (!) will keep your hands away from that slightly nasty tuna brine smell.

    23. A sugar thermometer will save you from so many cooking disasters.

    24. These organisers will help clear your junk drawer up.

    25. Getting that perfect bun in the morning can be fiddly and time-consuming. Save energy and time with this bun maker!

    26. An anti-microbial copper tongue scraper will get rid of the slighltly gross stuff on your tongue.

    27. Thoroughly washing your makeup brushes won't take long with this textured board!