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    17 Satisfying Products That Solve Your Slightly Disgusting Problems

    All of this stuff will make you say "ew, but also, oooh".

    1. Some mould remover, because damp is a really common problem.

    2. A tool to remove the plaque from your teeth (yup).

    3. A blackhead extractor vacuum to get all that gunk out of your pores.

    4. A radiator brush (seriously, take a peek down your heaters.)

    5. A peach fuzz razor that removes dead skin and lil' hairs from your face.

    6. Don't pretend you haven't ever wished for some pre-poo spray, which creates a scent barrier *before* any smells arrive.

    7. And while we're here, what about this toilet stool, which helps things, um, pass more easily.

    8. This reusable lint roller, perfect if your life is a bit too fluffy.

    9. Some compressed air for all the dust on your keyboard.

    10. Some degreaser to cut through the stuff on your hob.

    11. A copper tongue scraper to help your mouth feel actually clean.

    12. An ingrown toenail set (we've all been there!)

    13. And on the subject of feet, take a look at this disgustingly gratifying foot peel mask.

    14. A drop-in descaler, to get that crust out of your kettle.

    15. Some antifungal shower gel that helps clear up your bacne.

    16. A hair drain, which will catch all those strands you lose while showering.

    17. This stain cleaner to get that annoying mark out of your carpet.