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    17 Satisfying Products That Solve Your Slightly Disgusting Problems

    All of this stuff will make you say "ew, but also, oooh".

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Some mould remover, because damp is a really common problem.

    Amazon / Via

    If that mould by the shower has been driving you up the wall for months (which, same), it might be worth your while to try this foam mould remover. This one works on grout too, and reviewers say the product is impressively high-strength.

    Price: £7.49.

    2. A tool to remove the plaque from your teeth (yup).

    Amazon / Via

    Some days, your teeth just feel a bit less than squeaky clean and it's a pretty manky feeling. This tool blasts through your plaque in a v satisfying way (customers find it really helpful for removing stubborn stains.)

    Price: £5.79.

    3. A blackhead extractor vacuum to get all that gunk out of your pores.

    Amazon / Via

    If we want to talk about grossly satisfying products, it doesn't really get much better than a blackhead extractor. This one works by vacuuming your pores and removing all the debris that might be in them, and folks say it has really helped to clear their skin.

    Price: £15.97.

    4. A radiator brush (seriously, take a peek down your heaters.)

    Amazon / Via

    Ever look down your radiator, see all the dust inside, freak out, and then completely ignore it? Yep, me too, until I got one of these bad boys. I promise the satisfaction is worth the slight grossness (the brush is really handy for getting at other hard-to-reach spots too!)

    Price: £7.89.

    5. A peach fuzz razor that removes dead skin and lil' hairs from your face.

    Amazon / Via

    This razor is super handy if you want a really smooth base for your makeup, or if you just want to exfoliate your skin even more deeply. You can use these for your eyebrows, too!

    Price: £2.99 for a pack of three.

    6. Don't pretend you haven't ever wished for some pre-poo spray, which creates a scent barrier *before* any smells arrive.

    Amazon / Via

    Sorry, sometimes life is just like that. Whether you're living with other people or just like that sweet sweet freshness, consider trying this (super highly reviewed) pre-poo spray from Air Wick, which works by creating a smell barrier in your toilet bowl.

    Price: £4.

    7. And while we're here, what about this toilet stool, which helps things, um, pass more easily.

    Amazon / Via

    If you're often bloated or backed up, a toilet stool can be really useful. It helps by aligning your colon for the, um, task, and this one is really easy to store when it's not in use!

    Price: £12.59.

    8. This reusable lint roller, perfect if your life is a bit too fluffy.

    Amazon / Via

    OK, maybe this is just me, but watching a lint roller just peel off that pesky fluff, dust, and hair from material is absolutely life-affirming. This one is reusable (just wash it between uses – it stays sticky!), and reviewers love how long-lasting it is.

    Price: £11.99.

    9. Some compressed air for all the dust on your keyboard.

    Amazon / Via

    Blowing the dust out from between the keys on my keyboard is (and no, I'm not exaggerating here) a spiritually fulfilling experience. This compressed air has high reviews, and it works for other awkward dusting jobs too, like the earphone jack in your phone.

    Price: £4.83.

    10. Some degreaser to cut through the stuff on your hob.

    Amazon / Via

    If you like to cook, greasy hobs are basically inevitable – but if you've ever tried to scrub that stuff off, you'll know that it's really hard to fully remove it. This degreaser is great for really ~thoroughly~ cleaning sticky, oily surfaces.

    Price: £4.42.

    11. A copper tongue scraper to help your mouth feel actually clean.

    Amazon / Via

    Tongue scrapers are great if you want to clean your mouth more deeply, and this 100% copper one is naturally anti-microbial.

    Price: £5.49.

    12. An ingrown toenail set (we've all been there!)

    Amazon / Via

    Aside from helping you with a painful problem, this six-piece kit includes a nail lifter, which is deeply (and kind of grossly) satisfying.

    Price: £9.99.

    13. And on the subject of feet, take a look at this disgustingly gratifying foot peel mask.

    Amazon / Via

    Dead skin on your feet can feel uncomfortable and look a bit off. If you want to soften the skin on your feet, consider these foot peel mask boots, which fit over the affected area and help to loosen and remove those dead skin cells.

    Price: £6.99 for two pairs.

    14. A drop-in descaler, to get that crust out of your kettle.

    Amazon / Via

    Limescale can build up really quickly in your kettle (especially if you live somewhere with hard water), and it can destroy your cup of tea. Clean all the gunk from your kettle with this super handy drop-in bag, which takes about ten minutes to do its magic.

    Price: £2.61.

    15. Some antifungal shower gel that helps clear up your bacne.

    Amazon / Via

    If, like me, you've been gifted with skin that loves to break out anywhere and everywhere, this shower gel is well worth a look. It's infused with tea tree and eucalyptus, which helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Customers also find it helps out with other stuff like athlete's foot.

    Price: £10.

    16. A hair drain, which will catch all those strands you lose while showering.

    Amazon / Via

    If your hair is long or even long-ish, you'll know that it can take over your shower fairly quickly. Make sure you can remove all of it with this hair drain, which is anti-rust and anti-mould.

    Price: £7.99.

    17. This stain cleaner to get that annoying mark out of your carpet.

    Amazon / Via

    Carpets and rugs look great, but if you spill anything on them, they can also be also super annoying to clean. Reviewers find that this cleaner saves them loads of hassle, and people love how thorough and fast-acting it is. Plus, it has a really handy brush head, and it works on your upholstery too!

    Price: £21.95.