2023 Is Officially The Year Of Curveball Celeb Couples – Here Are 9 Of The Wildest Pairs We've Had So Far

    I was not ready for Chilli and Matthew Lawrence, NGL.

    2023 has been a wild year so far. We started off with nepo baby discourse, followed by a round of Prince Harry's memoir – and to top it all off, it's absolutely prime time for unexpected celeb couples right now.

    So, we thought we'd round up nine 2023 celebrity pairings we would never have guessed even had each other's IG. Enjoy:

    1. Kelis and Bill Murray (apparently!)

    Twitter: @ThatRoseTattoo

    2. Avril Lavigne and Tyga

    3. Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André

    Twitter: @muppetspice

    4. Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

    Twitter: @PopBase
    Okay, okay, so the pair are only allegedly dating (though that hand is DEFINITELY on her waist). Still, after a very public breakup from ex-footballer Gerard Piqué last year, it appears Shakira has moved on to faster, British-er, and potentially more strawberry jam-aligned pastures. After being spotted having dinner after Hamilton's recent Grand Prix finish, speculation about the pair has taken over the Internet (I just want to know where they met).

    Twitter: @hyuckluhv

    5. Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

    6. Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet

    7. Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny

    Twitter: @whyrosas

    8. Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart (again, allegedly)

    9. Chilli and Matthew Lawrence

    Twitter: @loveonlyworks

    Do you agree with out choices, or think we left out some obvious options? Let us know in the comments below!