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    33 Products That Might Make Living With Other People A Bit Easier

    Because let's face it, sometimes it's a struggle.

    1. Prevent those passive-aggressive "has anyone seen my charger?" moments with this pack of 24 specially-designed cable labels!

    2. If your household is too full for you to consider getting exercise equipment, these workout cards are a great alternative. They take up almost no space and help to vary your usual routine!

    3. Make sure you can keep track of your wheelie bin with these personalised stickers. They come to you in an envelope via Royal Mail!

    4. If you want to watch a movie together but can't all see the screen at the same time, this genius projector is perfect. It's compatible with most smartphones!

    5. If your household can't always decide what to order, you can choose what to get for dinner in no time with this takeaway dice.

    6. If you feel like you've exhausted every option when it comes to group activities, this movie quiz will make for a great night together.

    7. Make sure your toothpaste is dispensed the right way (looking at you, tube crinklers) with these toothpaste squeezers.

    8. Make sure you know exactly where your remote control is – instead of finding out someone has moved it – by using this armchair caddy.

    9. Keep your fridge clean while making sure you know who owns what with these useful clip-on drawers.

    10. If you like to read when your partner would rather sleep, this anglerfish-shaped book lamp will allow you to keep going without needing to have the light on.

    11. Nobody will have an excuse to leave the shower dirty once you get these genius shower cloths. They're perfect for cleaning glass, chrome, ceramic, and plastic, and they've got handy suction cups so they'll always be in reach.

    12. Bond over Snakes and Bladdered, a boozy version of the classic board game.

    13. These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you, so you won't have to keep track of who watered them last.

    14. If you're sick of finding beard clippings in your sink, this Beard Buddy tool will make an excellent (and unsubtle) gift for the culprit.

    15. Make sure people can keep the counters clear the easy way by using these under-the-counter bins.

    16. You can decide what movie to watch without going through a half-hour long debate by just scratching off a square on this sheet of 100 must-see movies.

    17. If you're sharing a wardrobe, these drop-down hangers will save you some serious space.

    18. Make sure everyone knows which mug is yours by placing a photo of yourself in this Friends-themed masterpiece.

    19. This magnetic rota board will help to ensure everyone knows what they need to do and when.

    20. If you've got a garden, this sports day kit is a great way to spend an afternoon together no matter what age you are.

    21. If there are a lot of people living in your house, this highly-rated TubShroom will help to keep your drains free from hair.

    22. Make your room smell distinct from the rest of your home with these white lavender-scented incense cones.

    23. Keep your cupboards organised even if you have a lot of stuff in there with this handy shelf insert.

    24. You can work your way through this stunning adult colouring book when you need a bit of a breather.

    25. If you need a bit of peace and quiet for a while, these noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are ideal. They're insanely highly-rated!

    26. You can store all your cups in style with this chic storage tree.

    27. If you share your bed with someone who seems to toss and turn all night, these under-the-mattress sheet suspenders will keep your sheets in place!

    28. This toothbrush holder was designed to store multiple toothbrushes while ensuring they never touch each other. The cover will help to prevent that manky puddle from forming at the bottom too!

    29. Make sure people know that that jar or Nutella is yours by using these sticky labels.

    30. Make sure all of your towels are in reach in the bathroom by using this over-the-door set of hooks.

    31. If you're about to get on an important work call, this 'do not disturb' sign might come in handy.

    32. This gorgeous marble organiser would work brilliantly as a bathroom caddy near your sink.

    33. If the reviews are anything to go by, these anti-snoring nasal strips are really effective.

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