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    21 Products That Are Majorly Helpful For Solving Minor Arguments

    Resolve all the small stuff with these!

    1. This scratch-off movie list has 100 titles to work through, so you won't have to spend ages debating which film to watch.

    2. These cable labels will let you know exactly whose charger is whose.

    3. Make sure you can keep track of your wheelie bin with these personalised stickers. They come to you in an envelope via Royal Mail!

    4. This dishwasher magnet will let you know whether or not the load inside is clean or dirty.

    5. Choose what to order for dinner in no time with this takeaway dice.

    6. Make sure everyone keeps the countertops and tables clear with this crumb brush.

    7. This highly-detailed adult colouring book is the perfect way to let off steam if you can feel those tensions brewin'.

    8. Make sure nobody can steal the duvet with these genius bed clips!

    9. You can't go too far wrong with a good ol' rota sheet, and this magnetic whiteboard is the perfect way to create one.

    10. These sticky labels will ensure you know who owns what, and they'll help you to tell your prepped chilli apart from your pre-made soup in the freezer too.

    11. If the reviews are anything to go by, these anti-snoring nasal dilators are really effective.

    12. If you love to read when your partner wants to sleep, this handy clip-on book light is the perfect compromise.

    13. Make sure your toothpaste is dispensed the right way (looking at you, tube crinklers) with these toothpaste squeezers.

    14. You can buy these insanely highly-rated earplugs to reduce the sound of everything from snoring to music to those half-audible conversations your upstairs neighbours keep having.

    15. Bond over this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, which will keep you too busy to think about lil' disagreements.

    16. Or if that's a bit too involved for you, this multiplayer Overwatch game is compatible with Playstation 4 and is the perfect way to release your ~feelings~.

    17. Keep your fridge cleaner while making sure you know who owns what with these useful clip-on drawers.

    18. Bake together with this gorge cookbook (plus, we would never argue in front of Mary Berry, right?).

    19. Make sure nobody has an excuse to leave the shower dirty with these genius polishing cloths! They're perfect for cleaning glass, chrome, ceramic, and plastic, and they've got handy suction cups, so they'll always be in reach.

    20. This memory foam pillow will help you achieve a better night's sleep (honestly the best mood-booster around).

    21. And last but most definitely not least, if you're a little bit in the wrong you can always serve them breakfast in bed on this wooden tray to make up for it.