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    47 Tiny Things Under £10 To Help Massively Improve Every Room Of Your Home

    From keeping your kitchen clean to decorating your bedroom!

    1. This stunning foldable desk lamp looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    2. This Bin Buddy powder absorbs all the excess liquid from your liners and bins.

    3. These white lavender-scented incense cones will make your house smell incredible.

    4. These sausage dog-shaped string lights are stunning.

    5. Bring some industrial glam into your home with this extra-small plant pot.

    6. These monogrammed coasters come in all the letters of the alphabet, so you can choose your own initials.

    7. This Shiba Inu pillow is about to become your new favourite thing.

    8. Upgrade your bath with this waterproof pillow, which has suction cups at the back for easy application.

    9. Make sure your sheets stay put with this set of four suspenders that you can pop under your mattress for extra security.

    10. Store your jewellery in the prettiest way possible with this ceramic ring holder.

    11. These satin pillowcases are kind to your hair and skin, helping to reduce frizz while adding a touch of luxe to your room. They come in pink, white, red, and khaki!

    12. These cat-shaped coasters are highly ameowsing.

    13. Keep everything you need to hand with this armchair caddy.

    14. If you've 1) got a garden and 2) want to help the bee population, this low-maintenance Seedbom that's packed full of pollinator-friendly seeds is perfect.

    15. Add an IRL filter to your Instax photos with this gold-specked photo frame.

    16. These enzyme-packed drain sticks slowly dissolve in your plug holes, removing grease and grime as they do.

    17. Upgrade your tub with this fully submersible disco bath light.

    18. These gorgeous hooks have wild pressed flowers in them (I know, right?!).

    19. Keep your blades sharp the easy way with this insanely highly-rated tabletop knife sharpener.

    20. You can grow your own cactus from this lil' tin – all you'll need is water!

    21. This rose garland is sure to stun.

    22. These reusable silicone baking mats distribute heat more evenly than the alternatives do, distribute heat really evenly, making them perfect for home bakers or anyone who wants to reduce their waste.

    23. This set of three cat-shaped scrubbing sponges is just purrfect.

    24. These door knobs look like Underground signs.

    25. Make sure you know whose bin is whose with these personalised weatherproof stickers. They'll arrive through your letterbox via Royal Mail!

    26. This garlic rocker is way more effective (and much easier to clean) than a bog-standard press.

    27. These waste collection bins slip over your under-the-counter cupboard doors for easy cleaning.

    28. Keep tabs on your fave recipes with these pegs.

    29. These adorable glass candles have no right to be as pretty as they are, but here we go.

    30. This avocado-shaped salt and pepper shaker set is almost too cute to use. Almost.

    31. And this avocado-shaped cushion is too cute to handle.

    32. This cookbook holder will keep the page you need to look at open.

    33. You can blow actual bubbles with this bubble bath.

    34. Want an at-home spa experience but don't have a bath? These shower steamers are a great alternative.

    35. This adorable mug is about to become the toast of your kitchen.

    36. This virtual pet candle hatches a pixelated-look toy when it melts.

    37. These gold-coloured, prosecco-scented bath bombs are perfect if you've got expensive taste.

    38. In order to grow a plant from one of these Egglings, you'll just have to crack the top open and water the soil and seeds inside (aww).

    39. Protect the shelves of your fridge with this pack of four washable sheets.

    40. This cappuccino mug is sure to perk up your day!

    41. This stellar photo holder is stunning.

    42. This unicorn-shaped night light 1) exists and 2) changes colour.

    43. Friends fans will love this themed poster.

    44. These oven liners will protect the base of your cooker from stains and spills. You can remove them and wash them in the sink or dishwasher when they get a bit grimy!

    45. You can tell me you don't want this hedgehog-shaped planter, but I won't believe you.

    46. If you want a toilet roll holder but not the effort and time it takes to install it, this self-adhesive one might be just what you're looking for.

    47. This geometric mirrored trinket dish is pretty AND practical.