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    Amazon's Boxing Day Sale Has Arrived – Here Are All The Best Home Deals

    'Tis the season to save.

    Amazon's Boxing Day sale is here, and we've found the best home discounts in their massive sale:

    1. If I had to pick my favourite cookware deal from Amazon's sale, it'd probably be this pre-seasoned cast iron Lodge wok that's somehow 47% off. Their regular skillet made it to The New York Times' 'best cast iron pans' list and to my kitchen, so I can't imagine how impressive this endlessly useful wok option will prove to be.

    2. You can smell that savings (literally) with this 35%-off set of four Airwick linen refills.

    3. I this festive season has made you realise that you really need a meat thermometer, you're not alone. This highly-rated option is 58% off!

    4. There's something so magical about these solar-powered waterproof mason jar lights (and no, I'm not just talking about their 52% discount).

    5. Save a whopping 64% on this Nescafé coffee machine.

    6. Nab this limescale-reducing shower head while it's 20% off. It'll make your water softer and can increase its pressure too!

    7. You can save a sizzling 46% on this non-stick Tefal pots and pans set.

    8. And Tefal's hand blender set is half-off right now too!

    9. Save 63% on Joe Wicks' cult-status cookbook.

    10. These genius (and 61% off) watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for days at a time.

    11. Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate the 25% price reduction on this Le Creuset casserole dish.

    12. This outdoor security camera is wireless, weather-resistant, and 44% off!

    13. The Alexa-enabled Echo Dot smart speaker is reduced by an incredible 57%!

    14. Guests will never believe you nabbed this 45%-off lamp for under £22.

    15. *siren sounds* This Tefal EasyFry air fryer is down by 24%.

    16. Look, we've all got that one piece of cookware that's in need of some serious TLC. This Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder totally transformed my pots, pans, and baking trays, and it's 38% off right now!

    17. Take this decorative neon sign as a, well, giant neon sign to save 48%.

    18. Treat yourself to this 35%-off Yankee Candle gift set.

    19. Can we please talk about the 35% discount on this Prospero Kenwood stand mixer?! It'd make the perfect gift for home bakers (if you know me and are reading this, yes, that is a hint).

    20. Oh, and this 45%-off juicer isn't to be sniffed at either, thanks very much.

    21. Make your own knot and wool-shaped candles with the help of these 24%-off moulds.

    22. This 43%-off cotton throw looks almost too cosy to handle. Almost.

    23. This granite cookware set is 1) gorgeous, 2) ideal for use on ceramic hobs, and 3) 42% off. I'm sold.

    24. Anyone who buys dishwasher tablets knows how much the cost can stack up – thankfully, this pack of 83 Finish Quantum ones are 42% off right now.

    25. *Finally* tackle the Bottle Graveyard of Showers Past with the help of this self-adhesive corner shower caddy. It's 39% off!

    26. This 41%-off gadget will add a handy pull-out keyboard tray to your table (which is perfect if, like me, you've found your eyes watering over the price of specially-designed WFH desks).

    27. This massive 35%-off set of food containers will get your kitchen looking Khloe Kardashian-worthy in no time.

    28. Customers swore by this set of five knives even before its current 37% price reduction.

    29. The bristles of this 20%-off Joseph Joseph toilet brush are made from silicone, so nothing will get caught in between them.

    30. Home cooks will end up using Dishoom's 25%-off cookbook all the time – it's made my colleague's homemade Chicken Ruby taste pretty much like the real thing.

    31. Half of the shopping team owns this extendable Joseph Joseph dish rack, and the other half are seriously eyeing up its current 32% discount.

    32. This 46%-off robot vacuum cleaner also has a mop function (yes, please).

    33. If you want to avoid a first-thing-in-the-morning crinkly shirt scenario, this Russell Hobbs iron is a steal at 59% off.

    34. Nab 10% off this Le Creuset mug. It comes in 12 different colours (I've got my eye on a classic volcanic one!).

    35. This endlessly reusable, USB-rechargeable lighter won't ever run out of gas (probably because it doesn't use any). Save 18% ATM!

    36. Get 2023 off to a good start by treating yourself to this Lumie sunrise alarm clock that's currently down by 26%.

    37. At 40% off, I can't think of a better time to buy this corded Shark vacuum cleaner. It has anti hair-wrap technology which removes hair from the brush roll as it goes!

    38. If you've always wanted a Ring video doorbell, consider the 31% discount on this one to be a sign.

    39. This Himalayan salt lamp is down by 21% right now.

    40. I'm struggling to believe that this gorgeous essential oil diffuser is 40% off, but here we are.

    41. This genius automatic food dispenser is 20% off right now.

    42. This 33%-off oscillating space heater is basically a must-have at this point.

    43. This 35%-off Simba Hybrid mattress topper has changed my life for the better.

    44. Save 23% on these stick-on motion sensor lights.

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