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Only Real Disney Fans Will Be Able To Finish These 17 Increasingly Hard Quizzes Without Giving Up

These start easy and end up next to impossible.

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1. Literally Anyone With A TV Should Be Able To Ace This Super Easy Disney Quiz

Moana smiling in cultural attire; Rafiki holding up Simba on Pride Rock

2. Fly Through This Detailed Disney Trivia Quiz To Reveal If You're A Villain, Prince, Or Princess

Princess Merida and a scene with Belle dancing with the Beast

3. Sorry, But If You Were Born After 1996, You Won't Be Able To Pass This Disney Song Quiz

Aladdin and Jasmine flying on a carpet; Lumiere and Cogsworth with dancing flatware from 'Beauty and the Beast'

4. This Shouldn't Be Difficult, But Most People Can't Match The Disney Dress Closeup To The Princess

Two fabric textures close-up, potentially from garments, with intricate patterns
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5. Test Your Disney Memory By Answering Just One Villain Question Per Princess Movie

Collage of animated villains: Scar, Ursula, Maleficent, and Hans

6. These Disney Animals Are Not From The Movie You Think They Are – Can You Ace This Quiz?

Animated characters Balto and Steele from the film "Balto" in contrasting poses

7. If You Can Guess The Disney Princesses By These Closeups Of Their Hair, You're An Official Disney Expert

Split image showing textured red and white fabric, possibly indicating opposing themes or teams

8. Only David Attenborough Could Figure Out Which Animals These 15 Disney Characters Are Actually Based On

Friar Tuck and Kuzco from animated films, one dressed as a monk, the other in Incan emperor's attire

9. Here Are Disney's 16 Most Popular Sidekicks – Can You Match Them To Their Princesses?

Animated characters: a frog in a purple dress (left), and a raccoon (right), likely from a film

10. Are You So Familiar With Disney Movies That You Can Tell What Movies These Pixelated Posters Are For?

Two pixelated images, the left possibly depicting an animal and the right a group scene. Specific details are indiscernible

11. If Anyone Can Guess All Of These Disney Movies From The First Line They'll Be A Certified Disney Genius

Ariel from The Little Mermaid on a rock next to Nick Wilde from Zootopia in a shirt and tie

12. We All Know The Iconic Disney Castle Opening, But Can You Guess The Movie By Its Specific Opening?

Comparison of two Walt Disney Pictures logos: left is classic castle with "Disney" below, right is stylized castle with logo above

13. Guess The Disney Princess From Her Colour Palette And We'll Reveal How Much Of A Disney Stan You Are

Graphic with eight colored blocks arranged in two rows as a background pattern

14. 50 Disney Questions Separate You From True Disney Fanhood — You Ready?

Cinderella reading to birds; Buzz Lightyear in a confident pose

15. This Disney Trivia Quiz Made Me Look Stupid, And I'm A Pretty Big Disneyphile

Split image of animated characters Timothy Q. Mouse from Dumbo and Goofy in casual attire

16. The Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz

Two scenes from Disney films: one showing mermaids in "Peter Pan," the other Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast."

17. The Hardest Disney Quiz You'll Ever Take

Minnie Mouse and Gaston from Disney movies, Minnie laughing, Gaston looking concerned

Additional thumbnail credits:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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