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    26 Signs You're 26

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

    1. Staying up past 11 pm is super hard.

    2. You're starting to get wrinkles, but you still have pimples.

    3. It's no longer cute that you don't have your shit together in life. It's concerning.

    4. You actually check your bank account once in a while.

    5. You have no idea how you're doing financially compared to anyone else.

    6. College kids aren't as cool as you remember being when you were their age.

    7. And teens straight up scare you. You can't relate to them at all.

    8. You go to so many weddings now they sort of blend together...

    9. ...and every time you're at a wedding, a distressing number of people ask you when your big day is.

    10. You refuse to wear things that make you physically uncomfortable. Goodbye, flats that give you blisters. So long, shorts that ride up your crotch.

    11. You finally feel OK about investing in things that will make your life easier, like a food processor or comfortable shoes.

    12. Going out on Halloween and New Year's just doesn't feel that appealing anymore.

    13. You can't stand loud bars. Actually, you can't stand anything played at an inappropriate sound level.

    14. When you do go out you have to really think about how much you want to drink, because it could effect how productive you are the next day.

    15. You're finally at the point where if someone thinks you're younger than you are, it's a compliment.

    16. You have to come to terms with the reality that many of your idols became successful when they were younger than you.

    17. But then you google celebs in their 30s to remind yourself that you'll kill it in the upcoming years.

    18. You're finally going through that quarter-life crisis everyone warned you about when you turned 25.

    19. You suddenly realize you have no idea what you're doing with your life, but you need to figure it out right now because YOU'RE CLOSER TO 30 THAN YOU ARE TO 20.

    20. And because of all this, every life choice you make feels way more important than it ever did before.

    21. Your parents probably had a house and a family at your age, and that doesn't help.

    22. And when you see people your age with a baby it really makes you wonder if you could handle one, because you don't feel always 100% adult.

    23. Except you have to keep telling yourself, you actually are a real adult now, even if you don't want to be.

    24. And maybe there's a comfort in transitioning out of your crazy early 20s into your more stable late 20s.

    25. Maybe, juuust maybe, you're approaching the prime of your life. The time when you are fully, unapologetically you.

    26. And maybe that's actually the best thing ever?!?