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How Long Can You Resist Getting Totally Freaked Out?


Take a look at these pictures. They start out pretty tame and get increasingly freaky. Will you be able to get through all of them without being totally creeped out?

1. Here's the first one. Totally fine, right?

2. Alright, how about this one?

3. ♫ Makin' my way downtown... ♫

4. Found a fun lil' friend for you. What do you think?

5. This is normal, don't you think?

6. I doubt you'd have a problem with this one.

7. I know how much you liked that hair, so I thought I'd show you some more.

8. More hair! ;)

9. Look who came to visit!

10. Yum!

11. Delicious!

12. ♫ I wanna hold your haaaand! ♫

13. Just a routine procedure.

14. Looks like fun to me!

15. Alright, fine, I'll let you get back to your friends.